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Who’s Holding the Typing Record? (Well, Apart from Jim Carrey In That One Movie)

Typing Speed Records

Do you know much about typing speed records? It’s a bit of an obscure subject. You may not even know the average typing speed. But to understand how to type, you’ll be better off if you know the upper and lower limits. Check out this interesting information about the world’s fastest typists.

Typing: The Statistics

Did you know that the generally accepted average typing speed is about 40 WPM (words per minute)? Words per minute are usually calculated with a formula based on characters per minute. Broadly speaking, WPM=CPM/4 or /5. Whether or not spaces are included can change the ratio a bit. To demonstrate, 20 WPM usually comes out to something like 80-100 CPM. So, to measure typing speed, your CPM is taken and converted to WPM using the formula.

Let’s go back to that average of 40 WPM. What will that be in CPM? If you decide it’ll be 4.5, to split the difference between four and five, that’s about 180 CPM. That looks a lot more impressive, doesn’t it? If you’re average or below, you should still be impressed with how many characters you can type at once!

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What Is the Fastest Typing Speed?

Now that we know the average, let’s discuss the fastest. As of 2005, Barbara Blackburn took the prize: by using the Dvorak keyboard, she was able to maintain 150 WPM for fifty minutes at a time, and for shorter periods she could go up to 170 WPM. Her absolute fastest speed was a staggering 212 WPM. Side note: respectively, that’s roughly 675, 765, and 954 CPM. Imagine how much her fingers must have been flying to achieve that last one!

world typing record

Sprint typing can get even faster when you look at online records. For instance, Guilherme Sandrini once achieved a sprinting speed of 290 WPM (1305 CPM, for those of you following along at home). Sean Wrona once achieved 256 WPM (1,152 CPM) on video at TypeRacer. It’s a wonder his fingers didn’t burn. He also once maintained 174 WPM for a fifty-minute test.

As an aside, there are some pretty impressive typists who don’t use regular keyboards. An Indian woman named Neeta once typed a 103-character text using only her nose in one minute and thirty-three seconds. Grace Pak also holds the record for smartphone typing speed at 280 CPM (about 62 WPM).

Find out More about the Fastest Typer

Interesting in emulating these speedy typists? Only practice and hard work can get you up to their level! But with effort, you can do it. Check out the history of typing and see that everything is possible! If you need help to stay on track and learn to type well, our staff of typing professionals is always available to help you. Watch your future opportunities expand with amazing typing help.

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