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We can help you get digitally organized by converting your PDFs, handwritten notes, and images into Word documents.

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Many papers must be submitted in e-format, and it requires compliance with strict formatting rules, no grammar mistakes or typos, and properly cited references. Typing text and adhering to all guidelines might be time-consuming, so many choose typing services for students to take it to a new formatting level.

We help students live a better life, so our academic typing services help includes:

  • Typing of any academic document in the required format.
  • Working with pdf, txt, and other formats, as well as photographed lectures.
  • Additional editing and proofreading if needed.
  • Processing of data in any format.

We Help with These Academic Paper Types

Being a student means taking audio or photos of lectures, trying to understand what’s written or said, making notes, and finally submitting them as a part of the course. However, there is another way to go through these all hell circles ⎼ you can outsource academic transcription and editing to professional typists. For example, we can help you type the following works, preserving their original format and integrity:

  • Interview;
  • Meeting;
  • Market research;
  • Class notes;
  • Essay;
  • Dissertations;
  • Assignments;
  • Coursework;
  • Thesis proposal;
  • Research proposal. 

Here are the types of improvements we can make with any of the works mentioned above:

  • Editing;
  • Proofreading;
  • Formatting.

Our Academic Typing Service Approach

Our professionals know it is serious business when you need your paper typed. We bring high quality to every assignment or dissertation. We have experts who have worked with typing dissertations and other documents for years and know the types of formatting rules, references, and titles required in these papers.

We guess you want professional typists who understand the business and have real experience; that is all you get when you come to us. When you place your order, we find the thesis typist whose background closely matches your paper, and they will get to work typing up anything you need. Therefore, typing service has never been this transparent, and our experts want to make your life as easy as possible.

What Our Thesis Typing Service Guarantees You

Our experts review your paper repeatedly to find errors because we know how important it is to you. When you go to typing services, you should not worry about typos or mistakes. Our job is to get you a great product, and our thesis typing service has helped many customers type and amend their dissertations, papers, and resumes so they can follow their dreams.

We assure:

  • Timely delivery from just 6 hours.
  • Secure payment processing.
  • Compliance with custom instructions.
  • Free revisions.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer support.

When you put in your order, you will be assigned to a professional who:

  • Holds a degree in a relevant field;
  • Is fluent in English;
  • Knows all the requirements for formatting.

Our dissertation and thesis experts have been typing these papers for many years.

What Does the Dictation Typing Service Include?

When ordering these types of typing services for any audio recording, you want to know that you are getting the best academic transcription service. With our team, that is exactly what you are getting and more. Our transcription service includes near-perfect quality by typing every word, acceptance of all audio formats, clean or full verbatim transcription, and utilizing time stamping.Our team can type any audio you have, including but not limited to interviews, business meetings, podcasts, seminars, lectures, audiobooks, educational audio blogs or radio shows, and more.

What to Look for in an Academic Typing Service?

It may seem like a frivolous expense to pay someone to type a dissertation for you. However, if you type with two fingers, completing the work will take a long time. Plus, by the time the dissertation is ready for submission, you are probably so sick of the material that you would gladly pay any amount to have a professional from typing agencies do the dissertation retyping for you.

When you are looking for dissertation typing services, you should look for:

  • A service with experience in typing such documents for clients.
  • A professional typist with skills in citations and bibliography format.
  • A service with reasonable rates.
  • A service that will complete the dissertation typing service by the deadline to have it printed off and appropriately bound for submission.

Type an Essay Online

If you have a handwritten copy of an essay and need it to become digital, our writing process makes it simple to take care of. All you have to do is upload the scanned copy of the original in the ‘uploads’ section of the order form. After that, our writer will get to work typing up your document with high accuracy.

We also provide:

  • Retyping services: PDF to Word, Excel to Word, PDF to Excel, Word to LaTex, Web Page to Word, and others.
  • Transcription services: general transcription, interview transcription, meeting transcription, focus group transcription, market research transcription, academic transcription, research transcription, sermon transcription, podcast transcription, and video transcription.
  • Editing services: editing, proofreading, formatting.

Type My Essay Accurately

You look for accuracy when you go to education transcription services. Our typist focuses on giving accuracy, which is why we provide quality help. You don’t deserve a document full of typos and errors, and you won’t get a document when you come to us. This typing review informed much, so we can type an essay online for you to have a fully typed document in one or two days.

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