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Typing legal documents means strict compliance with all rules and guidelines because professional documents require a professional approach. Finding the highest quality legal typing service is important for creating fine legal documents, making a good impression, and reaching the goal.

We are typing legal papers to save you from this time-taking task and allow you to spend time on other constructive activities. It requires extra focus due to the difficult vocabulary in the law-based text content. However, our experts have the best skills in typing such papers. 

What Are Quality Legal Transcripts, and Who Requires Them?

Legal transcripts are written records of spoken proceedings, such as in a courtroom or any speech, discussion, or debate. They are full and unedited versions of events. Attorneys, law firms, paralegals, court reporters, and other legal professionals may need legal transcripts for various formats.

When dealing with something as significant and sensitive as legal transcripts, it is essential to have highly formatted documents completed appropriately. Formatting is important because it makes the information more accessible, highlights key ideas, and creates an impression of a responsible and professional approach. 

The fastest way to get the legal transcribing services you need is to seek the support of a qualified and experienced team. We offer a premium legal typing service, help with law data processing and custom formatting, and all other legal typing and transcription services.

When You May Need Legal Document Typing Service?

Our professional typists know that legal documents are needed in many different instances:

  • Lawyers and advocates who work in the legal field need documents typed up.
  • Their clients who need contacts, power of attorney, etc., for personal needs.
  • Private entrepreneurs who need to make changes in paper documents.
  • Landlords and business owners who need contracts.
  • Students who study law need formatted legal texts.

We are offering paper typing services for these types of legal documents:

Rental agreement

The contract signed by the party who gets the property for rent (house, shop, etc.) and the house’s owner is known as a rental agreement.

Advance healthcare directive

The document highlights the measures and efforts in developing advanced healthcare.

Bill of costs

The bill is based on the fee/charges for any certain service or product.

Act (document)

The law-based clauses are written with the date they’ve issued on.

Real estate contract

The contract is written to sell any real estate property.

How to Write Legal Transcripts?

Every legal text must comply with the rules of the specific establishment you pass to or with common ones. Formats vary and require attention to every detail, which makes you be extra accurate.

To complete a high-quality legal transcription, you must:

  • Learn about the required format. 
  • Identify the proceeding in question. 
  • Record the date and time. 
  • Identify each speaker.
  • Identify the relevant parties. 
  • Transcribe correctly and fully.
  • End the transcript with information. 
  • Sign the completed transcript. 

Who Provides the Legal Document Transcription and Other Such Services?

Our team is filled with qualified and experienced professional typists, transcriptionists, and writers. We are an experienced legal document typing service with a high reputation. Our transcriptionists, writers, and typists are people who have a law degree, work in the legal field, and improve their skills daily by typing legal documents.

You are only going to get qualified people who:

  • Have a degree in a relevant field;
  • Are fluent in English;
  • Know each requirement for proper typing, writing, and formatting;
  • Have done this work for years and are ready to take your order!

Why Go for Professional Help for Typing Legal Documents?

OCR (Optical character recognition) is a frequently used option to send text from a sheet of paper to an e-format. This approach fits essays or lectures, but legal documents require a more professional approach. The main problem with OCR is the text that is often recognized with errors in words or completely miswritten phrases. Moreover, OCR saves no formatting, distorts punctuation, and submits the text as a whole. It means you must spend time editing and formatting manually. Our specialists can do this work for you, devoting much time to spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

Professional assistance of outsourced legal typing services has so many benefits:

  • It helps to prioritize tasks, saving a lot of energy and time.
  • All experts preserve the confidentiality of your documents.
  • The expert legal typist proofs and edits tables, dates, spacing, bullets, etc.
  • All changes are done with no changes in layout and essential text. 
  • You get your legal documents typed manually, not with an online tool.

In short, you can get all the benefits with no hassle from our services. Never believe in the typing services that make false claims. Рire us today.

Why Should You Choose Our Company for Legal Typing Services?

Our team consists of nearly 150 professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists. All staff members are carefully trained and certified in the peculiarities of legal documents.

By choosing our team, you get several advantages:

  • Affordable prices. 
  • Our track record. 
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Strict confidentiality.
  • Rush order option.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Accuracy and quality trusted by thousands. 

Get the best legal document typing service company to help you with your documents today!


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