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How Our Transcription Process Works

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Upload Your Video/Audio File

Submit the audio/video file you'd like to be transcribed through our secure order form or provide a direct link to your content on YouTube, Vimeo, or another website.
If your file format differs from the ones below, please zip it or upload it to any file-sharing platform (e.g., Google Drive, and send us the download link.

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Choose Custom Transcription Options

Select the number of speakers and minutes in your recording, turnaround time, and additional transcription options, such as the sound quality of your audio or video file (good, medium, or poor). Also, decide whether you want to add timestamping or full verbatim transcription to your order.

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Submit Your Payment

Preview your order and pay securely with a debit or credit card (e.g., Visa, Maestro, MasterCard).
Our transcription service uses SSL certificates and a world-leading PCI-compliant gateway to process all online transactions safely and ensure your card details are treated in accordance with industry standards.

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Receive & Download Your Text File

Once the payment is made, your files are passed on to a professionally trained and certified transcriber, and you get access to the personal area where you can track the progress of your order. Upon its completion, you receive a notification via email and can download the transcript instantly from the personal area.

Main Features

  • Accuracy
    Ours is one of the highest word matching rates in the industry since we select only domain-relevant transcribers with proven experience to work on each transcription.
  • Fast Turnaround
    Pressed for time? Our vetted team can turn your audio or video file into a clean, well-organized Word document that requires no further proofreading in just 6 hours.
  • 100% Human Work
    We rely on trained experts, not automatic transcription software, to ensure all words, even those from multiple speakers, are caught and spelled out correctly.
  • Guaranteed Privacy
    We are GDPR-compliant, and our transcribers have signed confidentiality agreements and NDAs, so your files are always secure and encrypted when you use our service.

Professional Human Transcription for Your Industry

Custom-tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

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  • Marketing
  • Other

Media and entertainment companies use our video and audio transcription services to get a textual representation of interviews, documentaries, raw footage, and other projects. We help them remain proficient by ensuring all transcripts are of the highest quality and delivered on time.

Educational institutions, online educators, researchers, professors, and students rely on our transcription services to transcribe research notes, lectures, dissertation materials, webinars, conferences, classroom recordings, and everything in between.

Making facts, dates, and quotes readily accessible in text format is a tedious process requiring much time and resources. We enable legal firms to concentrate on more critical matters by providing faultless transcriptions of everything from interrogations and depositions to confessions.

Marketing departments use our transcription services to generate formal transcripts of meetings, opinion polls, market research interviews, phone calls, and business discussions and get insights from focus groups, regardless of the number of speakers involved.

Leaders in commercial real estate services and investments, cloud contact centers, software development, world-class healthcare organizations, insurance companies, and other clients worldwide rely on our language experts for highly accurate transcriptions that meet their exact specifications.

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Trusted by 9,000+ Users for Flawless Transcripts

Fast and professional audio transcription
“My transcriber was very friendly and helpful. I could contact them anytime, and they answered my questions quickly. The interview transcription was also done unexpectedly fast, and the quality was impressive. I'm very satisfied with the finished transcript and communication, so I can definitely recommend this service!”
James D.
Marketing Manager, LivingSocial
My go-to transcriptionists! The best
“That's my second time using this transcription service. The cooperation was easy, fast and very successful again! My 5-minute report video is now also available in text format, and it was super quick and didn't require hours of my own work. Thanks!”
Helen D.
Sales Manager, Adecco
Thanks a lot for the precise transcript!
“The result exceeded expectations. Although the audio quality of my lecture was very poor, they managed to produce very high quality, crisply formatted transcript within a few days and deliver it on time. That's what you call going the "extra mile." Communication was always uncomplicated and efficient. I would work with TypingService again at any time.”
Alex R.
Literature Professor, UC Berkeley
Absolutely worth it!
“This was a dream! I could use the transcripts right away with a minimum of corrections. Thank you for such an accurate full verbatim transcription! Super fast delivery, although it was a 2hours research interview with multiple speakers.”
Robert G.
Digital Journalist, AccuWeather
EXCELLENT WORK!! Will be back
“Wouldn't use anyone else for our transcriptions! The online course transcription was clear, smooth, with timestamps at a very reasonable price. The final formatting was also of the highest quality and required no corrections on my part. I was able to focus on other areas while the video was being transcribed.”
Sandra C.
Software Developer, ClearCompany
5/5! Already prepping the next project
“Communication was good and fast. Simply sent the conference recording, and they delivered it within the given timeframe. Love that the format provided is Word, allowing you to edit it in case you need to. Only a few typos and just one misheard word. Totally satisfied!”
Amber M.
Life Insurance Manager, Intensify
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Video Transcription

Video transcription is the process of converting the audio contained in a podcast, webinar, online course, or any other video to text. It offers numerous benefits for entertainment, marketing, and other industries by making messages clearer and more concise. Verbatim transcripts include every utterance and sound and are ideal for scripted videos, while timestamps help make videos simpler to navigate.

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Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is the process of converting any speech in an audio file to text. That can be any recording — from an interview, research, or lecture to a company town hall or seminar. With its help, you can acquire data without watching videos. Audio transcription also helps educators, media holdings, and other businesses convey messages more efficiently due to the absence of auditory distractions.

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How Can Our Transcription Services Benefit You

  • Enhance SEO rankings and get more viewers

    An online transcription of your audio or video file, filled with relevant keywords, will assist in expanding your reach without additional marketing, rank higher on YouTube, and greatly improve SEO by making content visible to search engines.

  • Make video/audio content accessible to all

    Since almost 85% of people consume video without audio because of individual preferences or environment, accurate captions and subtitles have become a real necessity. They also help users with hearing impairments enjoy your content.

  • Grab attention and simplify comprehension

    Transcriptions can not only turn your audio and video files into effective marketing tools but also enable listeners to concentrate on the key points instead of being distracted by background noise, speech interruptions, and overlaps.

Stop Wasting Time on Routine Tasks!

Let trained professionals take over so you can focus on more important issues and even reclaim your weekends.

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Everything You Should Know About Transcription Services

So, you’ve decided to use a transcription service, and you understand that you will need to cooperate with a reliable team of professional transcribers and editors to get a high-quality transcript. But are you ready to upload your file at this very moment? This section will walk you through the things you need to make sure you get the audio and video transcription services that are suited to your needs, from selecting appropriate file formats and understanding the difference between software-driven and human-generated transcription services to questions you should ask yourself before settling for a particular transcription service.

Professional Transcription Services FAQ

  1. How much does a transcription cost?
    Our prices are fixed and usually depend on the number of speakers, the number of minutes that need to be transcribed, the quality of the provided audio recording, turnaround time, and such extra services as adding timestamps or transcribing verbatim.
  2. What will my transcript look like?
    Depending on the type of transcription needed, the written text will include either a clean and concise text representation of the speech content (intelligent transcription) or everything the speaker says, including “erms and uhms,” pauses, laughter, grammatical errors, and more (full verbatim transcription), with or without timestamping. The transcribed text will be delivered in MS Word format, so you can easily edit it when needed.
  3. How long will it take to transcribe my audio/video file?
    Turnaround time usually depends on the quality of the recording and the number of minutes and varies from 6 hours to 30 days, with 3 days being the most popular delivery option.
  4. What’s the difference between automatic and human transcription services?
    Unlike human-generated, software-driven transcriptions are instantaneous. However, you will have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to clean up the transcript and meet accuracy requirements or even make it legible.
    The reasons are numerous:
    – AI can’t distinguish between different speakers, especially during a quick discussion.
    – The software often mixes up the names of persons and locations.
    – Words that are not in English are usually spelled out incorrectly.
  5. Why is human-generated transcription the best option?
    A human-generated voice transcription service will be a wise choice if you require a highly accurate transcript. First, specialized and complex terms (e.g., medical, legal), different accents and dialects, fast talkers, and background noises are better handled by humans. Second, only human transcribers can adapt to various templates and follow specific guidelines. Third, even in the case of a verbatim transcription, only humans can notate things like laughter, cough, and other noises. Lastly, only human transcriptionists can add timestamps to your content so you can easily determine when a particular sentence was spoken.
  6. Who requires transcription services?
    Audio and video-to-text transcription services are used across a broad range of industries, including Media, Education, Legal, Advertising, Entertainment, and HR. The possible purposes are record keeping, analyzing large amounts of data quickly, and more.
  7. What factors influence transcript quality?
    High-quality audio or video is crucial for receiving high-quality written text. Other factors to consider are background noise intensity, rare dialects, accents, and subject-specific jargon.
  8. What file formats work better?
    If you are looking for an audio transcription service, MP3 and WMV are fine.
    In the case of a video transcription service, MP4, AVI, and MOV are safe choices.
    Should your file have a different format, you can always convert it using specialized software and apps (e.g.,

Benefits of Video Transcription Services

Businesses, academics, medicians, online webcasts, and other creatives use the conversion of recorded video files to written text to enable a larger audience to access the material.

Here are some benefits of utilizing video transcribing services:

Increase accessibility
Video transcription allows people with hearing impairments to read and understand the text better. It also helps broaden the audience.

Improve SEO
According to various studies, transcripts of video content have been shown to improve search engine optimization and increase inbound traffic to the content.

Enhance user experience
A video transcript enhances the user experience by giving more options to take in the content. It also helps find any video by entering keywords.

Save time
It takes more time to listen to an audio file or watch a video than it does to read a similar amount of text. A transcript lets people perceive content better while making it easier to take notes.

Benefits of Audio Transcription Services

While it may come as a surprise, audio transcriptions have been around for quite some time. The first record dates back to Ancient Egypt, though it was in the form of drawings carved into stone. Transcription has come a long way since then. This is especially evident in how essential audio-to-text transcription services are in today’s world.

Some of the benefits of using audio transcribing services:

Improve searchability
Transcription of audio content into text helps find any audio file using specific words or phrases. It’s especially useful when the transcript includes timestamps. With the timestamp, you can read a particular paragraph and then listen to the audio at that moment, which is quite advantageous for audio transcription of lectures, sermons, podcasts, and webinars.

Help in repurposing content
Brands and businesses that want to be relevant online have to differentiate themselves with content, which necessitates creativity and a large number of resources. While audio can capture people’s attention, it only scratches the surface. That’s where transcription services can come in handy, allowing you to convert audio files into website pages, infographics, etc.

Aid comprehension

Transcribing an audio file to written text can benefit both faculty and students. Not everyone perceives information the same way. Having an audio transcription can help students learn more effectively as not all of them can memorize information by simply listening and faculty — save hours of time preparing for lectures.

Help with accessibility and SEO

Google and other search engines find it hard to understand content forms other than text content, including rich media. As a result, they don’t show up in search results. With audio transcribing services, you can change rich media, including podcasts and webinars, to crawlable text content and get more traffic and higher page rankings.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Transcription Company

The value of transcribing services is greatly dependent upon the kind of transcription and the provider of services. Transcribing medical or legal files, for example, is more critical and differentiates on the accuracy level and technicality required by the industry. A few companies can get such a job done up to standard. Therefore, choosing a reputable company with skilled transcribers on board is key to getting exceptional text content done following your exact specifications.

These simple questions will help you determine what type of transcription service is perfect for you:

  1. Do you want a professional, highly accurate transcription?
  2. Do you want a properly formatted, ready-to-use transcript?
  3. Do you want to track the progress of your transcription order?
  4. Do you want to get a possibility of direct communication with your transcriber?
  5. Do you want to get prompt answers to your questions 24/7?
  6. Do you want to receive your transcript in an editable format?

If your answer to these questions is YES, then our voice and document transcription service will be a good fit for your next audio or video transcription project, and you will not regret it.