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Slice PSD to HTML Service

Individuals Who Slice PSD to HTML Make Very Quick Work of Web Interfaces

Since people often use the Photoshop software to create user interface material in the first place, plenty of people slice PSD into HTML. It’s actually fairly easy to do this in a graphical manner. Open up the image ready system, and go to the slices option. Create slices from guides so that the actual PSD to HTML slice can then be coded. This should be a fairly straightforward process that not harder than to convert PNG to HTML.

Slicing Code Together

When making a slice PSD to HTML conversion it’s important to name each of the individual slices. If a corner is supposed to be named, the code often reflects this. For instance, a top left corner might have the name of tlc. The top repeating background area could be deemed trb. This can go on for quite some time. If there were a number of different areas that were joined as a slice PSD into HTML, there would be the same number of slice names as a result. For instance:

Slice 1: tlc

Slice 2: trb

Slice 3: trc

Slice 4: lrb

Slice 5: contentarea

Slice 6: rrb

Slice 7: blc

Slice 8: brb

Slice 9: brc

In this particular example of converting a PSD to HTML, the fifth slice breaks the pattern that the other slices have all conveniently fallen into. This is because its marked as a content area. The slice system is generally only used to create a class of interface that will later be extrapolated on by the actual HTML coding process. While the conversion is fairly easy in its own right, the developer will eventually need to create some code. There are methods used to export text as HTML coded text, however, and naturally, images are a form of content in their own right.

Coding Service

Experts are often able to get through the entire PSD to HTML slice process on their own. Anyone who might need a little assistance is urged to get in touch with those who handle this kind of thing professionally. They should be able to help. And,  if you want to convert another format to HTML, such as convert PNG to HTML, or any other, our experts will provide with needed help.

With us, PSD to HTML slice process will be easier!