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How to Type Faster: Tips and Tricks

Do We Really Need to Learn to Type Fast?

In today’s computer and internet age, it is vital to be able to type quickly and consistently. After all, we don’t very often have the luxury of a secretary to do the work for us. Script typing is something that we all have to do at some point but, generally, most of us cannot type fast enough to keep up with what we are thinking; so we end up missing things and making mistakes when we type. Learning how to type fast, however, is not that difficult no matter how old you are or how set in your ways you may be.

Posture for Fast Typing

Most people find that if they spend any length of time typing that they end up tired with various aches and pains; this is because they are not seated correctly at their keyboard. You need to be sat square to the keyboard on a firm comfortable chair that supports your back, feet flat on the floor in front of you. Your wrists should be level with the height of the keyboard and the monitor should be directly in front of you.

Touch Typing Will Help You to Learn to Type Fast

If you want to learn to type fast you will have to give up the two finger hunt for the keys and learn how to touch type. It is not actually too difficult to learn to touch type and it will ensure that your speed and accuracy increase rapidly. Much of fast typing is training your fingers to hit the right keys without having to look at the keyboard all of the time. Touch typing gets you to maintain your fingers in the one home position and use each finger for only a small selection of keys. Once you get started it is surprising just how quickly you start to get the hang of hitting the right keys. Don’t try to rush, start slowly and it will not take long before your fingers start to hit the right keys with little thought.

Practice Will Help You with How to Type Fast

If you really want to learn to type fast you need to practice. Practice, as they say, makes perfect; even if only 30 minutes a day you need to practice your typing if you want to get faster. Stick to the touch typing and don’t try to use your own little twists and techniques to make things easier. You will find that your fingers quickly get used to the movements required to hit the keys. There are many programs and even games and apps that you can use to help you to improve your typing speed.

So try a few games and use your new found touch typing skills to learn to type fast!