A scanned PDF can be a wonderful way of having an old document, an excerpt from a book, a simple paper or just anything with the importance that has been scanned to a better readability and portability. But sometimes it is necessary to copy text from scanned PDF in order to use this text or data in something else – and that can be incredibly difficult.

Sometimes, copying text from a PDF to Word or when you need to export PSD to PDF, it may not be too difficult if the PDF is not scanned – but when it is scanned, it is just like looking to a png and jpg picture, and becomes almost impossible. However, there are some ways you can do it together with copy uncopyable text easily with software and even by yourself. Take a look!

Is PDF Copy Paste Possible?

You might be wondering whether it is possible to copy your PDF files into another file format. This can happen provided that you have the right program on hand. PDF can be copied but can you be sure that you’ve captured all the data when transferring? The only way to do this is through OCR technology which is exactly what our service uses when it comes to copying and pasting PDF files into a different file format. This helps our copy pasting services to give our guarantee to our clients that their PDF documents will be copied down to the last page without losing valuable content.

Working with us when it comes to online copy paste is a great advantage to you because we are using the latest technology for copy pasting. What’s more, our team of experts reviews our work to ensure that all data has been captured and converted. We take pride that when doing copy and paste PDF files, we manage to copy every single detail in the file. This means that you can rest easy knowing that there won’t be any alterations or deletions when your PDF is copied and pasted.

Popular Software to Copy Scanned PDF to Text

Some of the best software to copy your scanned document to excel, word or just any other word processor, are types of software that analyze the data from the scanned document and make an approximation of the analysis in the text. If the original scanned PDF is not too legible, the transformation won’t be of high quality.

Still, there are many OCRs and Converting Software you can use to type on scanned document in the text really easy. The best would be Adobe Acrobat Converter, a software from the PDF creator that can convert any type of PDF image or scan into text really easy.

Don’t waste the opportunity to convert Word Doc to Excel when you can use our services today!

Different Ways of Copying Text from a Scanned Document

Even though you can simply use software to transform the scanned document to excel or any other format available, there are also many other ways that are as useful and efficient. Take a look:

  • Copy text from PDF image. If you need to have the information of the PDF scan, you can simply copy the text from the image and paste it in whatever word processor or writing app you want. This way is one of the hardest but doesn’t demand any effort. It is hard because copying the image sometimes doesn’t work or just doesn’t copy the data correctly.
  • Retype the PDF in a Word processor. Using a word processor or writing app is one of the best ways to convert scanned PDF to Excel or Word really easy. You just need to open the PDF, look for all the info you want to retype and retype it yourself without having to open any software or anything. This way is the most efficient but the most exhaustive. It can take really long in order to meet the format, structure and even the same font from the original.

Retyping Is Always the Best Option

Retyping a scanned PDF to a word processor is always the best idea when it comes to converting PDF to text. This is the best solution because doing it with software can eventually bring mistakes on the converted text and copying the data will not bring all the information correctly.

However, retyping is a lot more efficient and makes the information look better. This is only recommended for those who have the time and effort to invest, if not, you better choose an OCR software or copying the text directly.

Need Help to Copy Text from Scanned PDF?

Whether you need to copy data from PNG and JPG or from a scanned PDF or TIFF or just a BMP in any file resolution or need a typing help – doing by yourself is the best way to make sure you have the perfect format, font, structure, and readability. But there’s still another option for you to copy text from scanned PDF without having to spend any time or effort – using our services. We offer professional typing, retyping, editing and formatting at the best prices in the market. You can find answers about common questions about typing and learn more about typing services prices first. If your task is to convert scanned PDF to Excel or any other format, we will for sure do it for you, professionally and accurately according to your needs and desires.

Hire Typing Experts Today

Are you looking for online typing service that you can turn to any time of the day? You don’t have to look any further because we are here to provide you with the expert assistance that you need when it comes to copying and pasting your documents into another program. Our copy pasting service understands that there are times when you need to convert doc files into another file format that is why we are here to help you get them done fast and as accurate as possible. We are confident that when we do a quick copy and paste your files everything will be copied including the format in the PDF. All that you have to do is to send us your order and just wait for us to do the job for you.

You just need to contact us right now and we will give you the best copy text from scanned PDF service you can think of!

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