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What PSD and JPG Formats Stands for

PSD is a file extension for Adobe Photoshop Document file and an abbreviation of Photoshop Document. The file in this format is quite large in size not suitable for WEB and a bit cumbersome while printing as well. A file in this format is saved as a layered image and allows you to work with its individual layers even after being saved. This file transcription is mostly used by graphic designers to create a layered output image.

JPG, a file extension which stands for Joint Photographic Group is a most commonly and widely used file format. This format makes the file compressed in size, enough to be uploaded on WEB. However, the resultant lossy image as it is called lost some of the image quality. This file format is most commonly used for websites, emails, and digital camera memory cards. However, once the file is converted from PSD to PDF or JPG, the layers of the image are flattened for sharing purposes. But the user cannot further edit the layers of the image/file or convert it back to PSD file format. So it is usually recommended to always retain the file in PSD format and not overwrite it during conversion.

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