There are times, especially if we work on computers, where it will be necessary to convert image text to Word file preserving the text and the format correctly. This can be really necessary especially for those who work in the design industry or those who write. However, doing this is not easy in any way, and sometimes, it can mean a real waste of time and effort if done by hand. But you won’t have to worry if this is your case. Here our document typing services are going to show you everything you need to know to copy image text to word whether it is JPG or JPEG or even PNG without any problem. Take a look!

Possible Situations to Need Image to Word Converting

Need to get the text of an old document archived with photos? Or are you looking to save the information of a certain poem from a book picture? There are thousands of situations that can make you need of PNG to Word Doc, convert image to Excel spreadsheet or just any other type of converting like these:

Long texts saved in pictures
Whether they are JPG, JPEG, PNG or just any type of image format, there are times when it is necessary to save long texts, but these texts are in pictures because they were photographed. This means, doing data typing can be immensely difficult and exhausting, so it is always better to convert image to text in Word file.
Scanned documents
Old documents or books are normally saved in computer and such by scanning them. It is possible that you are looking to transform a scanned document to Word, especially if that document has valuable information.
PDF images
There are moments where it is necessary to use PDF to do a presentation, make spreadsheets or even just create certain types of texts as it can look better and straightforward. However, using this type of files like PDF can eventually make it difficult to take the information out. In this case, converting PDF image to Excel spreadsheet or to Word Doc may be necessary.

How to Convert Image Text into Word

There are two main ways of converting the image to text, the manual way, and the automatic way. If you are looking to convert any image to text, you can try this:

  • Data typing – Data typing is directly typing everything you see on the image or scanned document. It is easy to do but can be exhausting and sometimes difficult when it comes to imitating the same fonts and format of the original text. On the other hand, it can take really long but it is eventually more effective and accurate than other methods. It is done manually.
  • OCR – Using OCR software is the automatic way of converting the image to text. It is pretty easy to do and it is based on software that analyses the image and converts everything to text. The good thing about it is that it transforms everything from the format to the font but can eventually be inaccurate if the original image or document is not legible enough.

Need Help to Convert Image Text to Word File?

If you are looking for help for your converting activities, here you will find exactly what you need:

  • Professional typing
  • Professional retyping
  • Professional formatting
  • Professional editing

Whatever it is you are looking for, f.e. convert PNG to Word online file, we will make it possible easily. Just remember that we use the manual way in order to make everything more accurate. Also, we thrive to mimic the exact format, font and structure of the original document or image for you to receive the best quality possible.

Hire our services today to help you convert image text to Word file and you won’t be disappointed in any way!

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