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A Brief Informal Typewriter History

It may seem as if it’s something that hasn’t been used for hundreds of years, but only a couple of decades ago the major manuscript typing tool was your regular typewriting machine. Believe it or not, there was a time when this was an absolute break-through and any self-respecting author would have been lucky to be able to afford one. Being able to automate the process of writing and getting rid of the regular pen and ink technique was definitely something particularly modern at the time. The history of the typewriter itself is particularly interesting and that’s what we are going to regard below.

Typewriter History: The Beginning

The concept of the traditional typewriter machine could be traced back to at least 1714 when Henry Mill filed a patent for an “artificial machine or method used to impress or transcribe letters progressively one after another”. However, even though this is an actual fact, the first proven typewriter was built by Pellegrino Turri back in 1808 for his friend – Countess Carolina Fantoni de Fivizzano. However, there are no kept records of the way that the machine looked like. Regardless, we do have preserved letters which were written by the Countess on the machine.

The typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham way back on November 04, 1868. With the help of G. Glidden and S.W. Soule, it was then manufactured by Remington Arms. A paper is inserted in the typewriter also known as plated. At that time, typewriters were quite bulky and really big. Despite its drawbacks, it was used by writers, businesses, and people working in offices for their daily tasks. Companies knew that previously manufactured typewriters include IBM, Remington, Royal Typewriter Company, Oliver Typewriter Company, Underwood Typewriter Company, etc.


  • 1910: There was a unique typewriter known as the Oliver Visible Typewriter. This model was finally made available for selling in the 1920s. This typewriter has typebar machines.
  • The 1940s: The typewriter with a special keyboard that comes with a paper roll was invented. It was known as the Telegraphic typewriter. This typewriter was used for sending and receiving messages.
  • The 1960s: The over-all look of the typewriter was completely changed. Offices started using a typewriter.
  • The 1980s: Computers started to become a big thing. By 1981, the very first personal computer was introduced. Microsoft introduced its plans for creating Windows and word-processing. The personal computer has a monitor, keyboard and computer screen.
  • 2000: By 2000, the world has seen the release of different kinds of computers that are packed with more powerful features and specifications. Unlike the typewriters, computers are faster and have a wide range of functions. We can now do every task that we need with the help of computers.

Further Development of Typewriter Invention History

As the years progressed, more and more people tried to perfect this particular invention. It was clear that it offered a wide range of advantages. People managed to write significantly faster. What is more, it finally solved one of the huge problems which society was having at the time – the inability to use properly readable handwriting. The reasons for this were various. Right off the bat, they didn’t have the modern pens and pencils that are available today. Keep in mind that writing with a feather and an ink pot is without a doubt much more complicated and definitely a lot slower than using a contemporary pen.

As societies start to develop and as further studies lead to innovative discoveries, machines and other devices have become much more modern. The same thing happened with typewriters. The very first models of typewriters were really bulky and large. These typewriters were efficiently used for a wide variety of purposes. From sending messages, writing in newspapers and books to office work, typewriters without a doubt played a major role in development. But since it was still crude at that time, the device that we use now is definitely much different. Typewriters that we now see work the same way, but most of them have modern designs. The functions were quite limited. Before, there were people who used to work as typist where their job is to type. However, this kind of job has become obsolete now.

As devices go through developments and major changes, we now see how typewriters have evolved into powerful computers. The computers made use of the prototype of typewriters. But one will be amazed by the major differences. Computers before were also big and bulky. As years pass by, computer manufacturers have successfully created and launched computers that are more compact and have varying features and specifications depending on the specific needs of the person.

So, with this in mind, the Sholes & Glidden Typewriter which began to be commercially manufactured back in 1873 had a huge success. It hit the American market later in 1874 and it was a huge improvement over the previous writing ball created by the Danish pastor Rasmus Malling-Hansen in 1870.

Things to Consider

Regardless of how the typewriter came into existence, it’s safe to say that its history has had a huge impact on the contemporary writing industry. Without it, we would likely still use feathers and ink pots. What is more important is the fact that the typewriters as you read about them in history books are the foundation of one of the biggest inventions in our contemporary world – the computer and its ability to transfer the written word. This is something which has had a huge, tremendous impact on the overall development of society and helped to create many useful tools that we use today f.e. advanced excel formatting software as it poses so many benefits that it’s hard to encompass them all.

What Our Service Can Do for You

The typist who uses typewriters may have become obsolete. But there are still a lot of people who are in need of professional typists. The only difference is that now, they make use of personal computers and laptops. At Professionaltypist.net, we know how difficult it is to type words especially if you have so many things to do and you need to finish typing several worlds.  We offer a wide range of typing services tailored fit to your specific needs. We specialize in document typing where you are assured that the typist will do the work with utmost care and guaranteed perfection. We make sure that we are careful with every single detail.

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In addition, we also specialize in manuscript typing. This is a highly popular service especially for those who are looking for a professional typist who can help them with the word. Our typist can handle any volume of work. To date, typewriters are no longer used unlike before. They are replaced by modern and powerful computers that people use for different purposes and functions. From typing words to sending messages and a whole lot more, typewriters have become a powerful tool in the 21st century. But one thing is for sure, typists are still in demand.

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