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Professional Typing Services Online

The level of typing services needed to support most businesses today rarely justifies them hiring full-time typists and administration persons. Most office staff today undertake their own typing for their reports and other work. However, there will always come that time when a large amount of work will need to be done or you need to find more productive hours in your day. This is where professional typing services such as ours come in.

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We are able to provide you with top quality typing that will be highly accurate at a price that few will be able to compete with. Our services provide you with access to trained and experienced typing professionals that will be able to get your work done effectively and quickly. Our rush service can get your typing back to you in as little as just 6 hours.

Our online typing services have been serving businesses, academics, students and many others for several years. We are confident that we will be able to pair you with a perfectly experienced typist that will be able to get your typing completed with a minimum amount of instruction just the way you want it done.

Why Do You Need Typing Services?

If you are still wondering why you might need to use online typing services you should simply take a look at our list of reasons:

  • We free up your time allowing you to do more value-adding work such as finding more customers for your business.
  • We can help when you have a sudden increase in the need for typing such as processing handwritten customer survey feedback.
  • We are available at any time of day or night to get the work done quickly.
  • We are not going to go on vacation, maternity leave, or get sick leaving you without support.
  • We can provide knowledgeable typing support ensuring that letters and other documents are correctly formatted and structured.
  • We can handle large volumes of work in a short space of time.

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What Types of Typing Can We Do for You?

We have hundreds of experienced and qualified typists working for our service which means that we are able to provide you with experienced help in almost any field you care to mention. Our services can provide you with:

Copy Typing Services

If you need to convert handwritten text to more easily managed digital formats we can help you. We have the staff, equipment, and software required to ensure that your notes will be quickly typed up in your chosen format. We can do everything from letters and reports through to inputting customer feedback into a database. Our experts are highly experienced and are able to decipher even the hardest to understand writing with a high level of accuracy.

Text Transcription

Transcribing is typing out what has been recorded on an audio or video file. We can help you to quickly type up your dictated notes or even transcribe recorded interviews or conferences with many speakers. Our experts have up-to-date software and equipment to help them transcribe your files effectively even if the accents or the recording itself are difficult to understand.

Academic Typing

Often academic typing requires you to follow very specific rules with regards to formatting and style. Our typists will be able to help you with everything from transcribing your thesis or dissertation to preparing journal articles for publication.

Manuscript Typing Services

Just as with academic typing your manuscript will often need to be typed in a very rigid format. This is especially true if your manuscript is a screenplay. We have experts that are highly experienced in this area and they will be able to make short work of manuscript no matter how long it is.

Resume Typing Services

Getting a job is very difficult today simply because of the amount of competition that is generated through the ease of being able to apply online. This leaves the recruiter with only a limited amount of time to review each application. How your information is presented will control how likely you are to get the interview. Our resume typists know just how to make your resume and you stand out from the crowd.

What Documents Can We Type for You?

Our word processing typing services are able to support you with a wide range of different types of documents. With the experience of our staff we are confident that you will be able to help with all of the following and so much more:

  • Books: our document typing services will be able to help you with all forms of fiction and nonfiction books. Our experts have a good understanding of the formatting requirements of different publishing houses and also what is required for self-publishing mediums. Whether you need copy typing or transcription we will get your book typed for you.
  • Manuals: we are able to help you with a wide range of support with different types of manuals. From quality manuals to operating manuals our services will provide you with a typist that will be familiar with both the subject area and how to get the work typed up accurately in the right format.
  • Lectures and conferences: it can be difficult to take notes throughout a lecture and it can take considerable time to write up what has been said and recorded later. But it is far easier for revision and other purposes to be able to skim through handwritten notes rather than sit through hours of recordings to find what you are looking for. Our transcription services will quickly get your notes down accurately.
  • Letters: whether you need someone to type out your letter verbatim or you want someone to use their skills to write formal letters based on a few notes we can help you. We will provide you with skilled typists that are experienced with all forms of letter writing.
  • Instructions: we will be able to provide you with typists that are trained and experienced with the type of instructions you need typing. They will be able to provide you with the information you need formatted and structured just as you want it in double quick time.
  • Web pages: our cheap typing services can help you to get your website up and running in no time at all by quickly typing up your web pages in the formats that you require so that they will look perfect when viewed.
  • Thesis and dissertations: your higher level papers must be written to perfection, there are no allowances for errors in your final submission. Our professional dissertation typing services provide you with typing support that will deliver your paper on time, perfectly formatted every time.

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What Text Conversions Can We Help You With?

Often there is a need to convert text from one format into another. Sometimes this can be achieved reliably using software, but sometimes it may require a significant amount of editing after or may even need to be manually typed. Our professional services can help you with all forms of different conversions such as:

  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to Excel
  • PNG to Word
  • JPG to Word
  • Word to Excel
  • Word to PowerPoint
  • Word to LaTeX
  • RTF to Word
  • MPEG4 to Word
  • Excel to PowerPoint

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Can We Type Handwriting?

Many clients ask us how we can type up their handwritten notes. This can be done in a variety of different ways depending on your needs. Notes can be typed verbatim, that is exactly as they are written. Or our typist can use your notes to type the form of document that you require, for instance filling in the usual greetings and pleasantries within a letter to add to the facts that you provide with your notes.

Our experts can cope with all forms of notes, usually, they are scanned and sent to us to be typed. Our typist can use software to enhance the text and make it easier to read. What we do not do however is to simply use software to scan the notes and convert it automatically. This is rarely accurate and can lead to many errors.

What Languages Can We Type In?

If you want to hire a typist that is capable of transcribing in a foreign language or able to read your notes in a language other than English we can still help you. We can also help with using alphabets and scripts other than the usual Roman script used here. With our services you can get help with all of the following languages and many more:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Urdu
  • Tamil
  • Bengali
  • Arabic

What Worries Do People Have Regarding Hiring a Typist?

The following are some of the questions that we get asked about our typing services and the answers that we provide them:

Will the typist understand English?

All of our typists speak the languages that they type within to a native level to ensure the quality and accuracy of the typing.

Will the typing be accurate?

We typically achieve a 99% accuracy rate with transcription and copy typing. This will vary depending on the quality of the recording or notes.

Will the paper be formatted correctly?

Our typists are highly familiar with producing work within a specific format. This includes academic writing in styles such as APA, MLA or IEEE.

Will there be mistakes in the typing?

There is always a chance that something will be spelled incorrectly or other issues. Because of this, we provide all of our services with free proofreading to catch and correct any errors.

Is my content retyping going to cost me a lot?

We offer highly competitive pricing that is some of the most affordable that you will find for this level of support. 

How Can You Get to Work with Our Expert Typists?

If you want to hire a typist then all you need to do is to follow the process that we outline here:

  • Tell us what help you require: fill out the fields on the order form that you will find on our website. This is available for you to complete 24/7 as are our support staff who are there waiting to process your order. All information that you provide is totally confidential.
  • Pay for your selected service: we clearly show what we charge for the services that we provide and there are no hidden additional fees. Your payment will be made through secure channels and can be made using all major credit or debit cards.
  • Your typist is assigned: we will review your order and select a typist that is qualified and experienced within the area in which you will need help. They will contact you to confirm that your order is being worked on and to request any additional information that they may require.
  • Request any changes: we will provide you with access to the initial draft of your typing for your review. If you want any changes to be made then our typist will do whatever you need until you are fully satisfied.
  • Delivery of your final typing: your typing will have been formatted to your requirements and put through our effective proofreaders before then being delivered to you on time.

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We Provide You the Best Typing Services for Your Needs

We consider our help to be some of the best typing services you will discover online. We always aim to fully satisfy our clients with the typing that we provide and this is clearly reflected in the number that returns to us for additional work. Our dedicated typist give their all and we also give you:

  • A quick turnaround for your typing: we can get your help to you in just 6 hours if you need it and we will never be late.
  • Free proofreading: we offer you accurate error-free writing when you use our professional typists.
  • Total confidentiality: we will not share your personal details or the content of your writing with other parties.
  • Full satisfaction with the typing done or we will refund your money if we cannot fix the issue for you.

Get all of your work typed up accurately and quickly with the help of our affordable and proven typing services.