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California Rules of Court Pleading Format: How to Write

Why Would You Need Help with California Court Documents?

There are many types of legal pleadings that you can submit or even be forced to defend within the court in California. According to the Rules of Court California, however, many of your pleadings will need to be submitted in a very specific manner using mandatory forms that are dictated by the system. Failing to follow the California rules of court pleading format could see your documentation simply thrown out causing you significant delays. Judicial documents are not something that you will want to deal with unless you are totally sure of what you are doing. There are many rules that you must follow and a simple mistake could cause you significant problems. This is why it is often best to leave your pleading to our professional typing service.

Download our guide to learn all about the successful pleading paper!

Our professional typing services can ensure that your forms are correctly selected from the many hundreds that are available and that they will be completed according to the specific rules of the court. Our typists are experts in this area and will be able to save you a huge amount of time as they already understand the expectations of the court and will be able to ensure that your pleading is without error. With many years supporting individuals and businesses we have the skills and experience required to ensure that you will be fully satisfied with the support that we provide to you.

What Is the Right California Rules of Court Pleading Format?

There are many types of legal pleadings that you can submit through the court and many will be required to be done on the specific California Courts form. Forms in most cases can be completed either electronically or hard copies submitted directly to the court. No matter which methods you use however there are many things that you must consider with your legal formatting. Your compliance letter format must follow the following general rules:

  • Only use a single side of the paper
  • Paper should be white/unbleached of minimum 20-pound weight and 8 ½ by 11 inches
  • Font size shall be not less than 12pt and legible/clear
  • Font shall be Arial, Courier, Times New Roman or equivalent
  • Only black or blue-black color is acceptable for font
  • There must be a minimum margin of 1” on the left and ½” on the right
  • Page numbers must be consecutive Roman numerals and appear at the bottom of the page
  • Every page must have a footer using 10pt text that contains the title of the paper. This must be separated from the main body of the page by a solid line.
  • Lines are 1 and ½ or double-spaced and are to be numbered consecutively
  • With regards to line numbers rule 2.108 says:

“Line numbers must be placed at the left margin and separated from the text by a vertical column of space at least 1/5 inch wide or a single or double vertical line. Each line number must be aligned with a line of type, or the line numbers must be evenly spaced vertically on the page. Line numbers must be consecutively numbered, beginning with the number 1 on each page. There must be at least three line numbers for every vertical inch on the page.”

These are just the basic requirements for your formatting. You will find many other rules that are applicable to your pleading paper template. Such as for formatting the first page of any document according to rule 2.111 which requires many additional clauses to be followed for your writing.

Of course, it is often best to simply download a pleading paper template that has already been correctly formatted to fit the requirements of the court. However, you still have to complete the form in the required manner for the court using the correct language throughout. Getting your formatting and outlining right will often take far more than simply using a good template for your notice of compliance.

Why Use Our Professional Legal Typing Services?

Selecting the right compliance letter format and getting everything typed precisely as demanded by the rules of court is not going to be easy if you have never done this before. It is often best to have your pleadings typed up by someone that will find the task second nature. Through our service, you will be provided with a typist from top legal typing service that fully understands the California rules of court and how to apply them to your forms accurately thus avoiding later issues.

Our services will always:

  • Deliver your court documents to you on time
  • Provide correct formatting throughout
  • Fully proofread all documentation to avoid errors
  • Be totally confidential at all times
  • Come with a full satisfaction money back guarantee

All of the services that we provide are done so at a highly affordable rate that you will have difficulty bettering anywhere else online. Our typing is always completed in perfect English for you and we provide for unlimited revisions to the work should you need changes making.

Ensure that your paperwork always fully conforms to the California rules of court pleading format, by engaging the help of our typing services.