Why Audio Typing Online Is so Popular?

Audio typing is a skill to type the recorded audios in the form of documents. Audio can be recorded on cassettes or DVDs or it can be an online source as well. When you need an audio typing online, usually typing services needed as it’s a technical job and everyone cannot do it. If you have audio typing skills, you can get a better job. Although it is not a requirement for most of the official jobs, usually legal offices and some others ask for the audio typing skills.

An audio typist is a person, who got the skill to write the audios. Audios are available in different formats and audio typist do courses to understand different formats and the technique to write them in the form of documents. They get training to convert an audio file to text. They are trained to write accurately and precisely, while they are listening to audio. They have to enhance their typing speed as well. Usually, they don’t look at the keyboard to ensure accurate typing and to match their speed with the audio.

Difference Between Typist and Transcriptionist

Usually, people use the two terms, typist and transcriptionist, interchangeably. But actually, these are different terms and different jobs, with little similarity.


The job of the typist is to type the documents. It can be handwritten notes, lectures, office memos or email correspondence. Usually, offices have a full-time typist in the office, as typist has to do a lot of typing tasks in a single day. They have great typing speed, usually more than 60 words per minute, whereas a common person can type only 40 words per minute.


The job of the transcriptionist is a bit more technical. They do bit means they listen to the audio files and write them as documents. They are hired permanently in few offices like a legal office or medical places but usually when people need the services of a transcriptionist, they hire them for a particular project only. Everyone cannot transcribe from audio, so they earn well.

What Is Main Purpose of Audio File Transcription Services

Generally speaking is less time taking, when compared to the writing. So, most of the CEO’s of large companies send their messages as audio and their assistants turn audio to text, to convey the message to the staff. Similarly, teachers record their audio lectures and students type audio in text format to learn and memorize the key points. These are just a few uses, there is a long list of places where transcription services are required. Basically, it’s about the listening properly and writing accurately.

Different Types of Audio and Copy Typing

When it comes to transcription of audio files, we can categorise it in different types. Here we are mentioning just a few of them.


Commonly, interviews are recorded in the form of audio files. A small tape recorder is used to record the interviews of celebrities, political figures, and other people, due to a shortage of time. later, these audio files are a transcript and converted in text to publish in print and online media.


Certain dialogue needs to be recorded properly, particularly between the heads of the states and other important persons. They are recorded as an audio file and converted to text document later.

YouTube Audio

YouTube is popular for the videos, but it has a huge collection of audios as well. However, everyone cannot access the internet and to spread this information, audio transcription is what we need.


Teachers in educational institution delivers lecturers and majority of the students can’t catch up with them. As a result, they lose a valuable part of their lecturer. Some students record these lectures as an audio file and convert them to text, later. Audio and copy typing is helping a number of learners.

Why You May Need a Help with Transcription of Audio Files?

It needs a lot of time and effort to learn audio typing skills. You have to master a skill, which involves listening and writing at the same time. You have to listen correctly and write it accurately. It needs technical training and a lot of practice. It can many months, even if you work hard to gain excellent typing skills.

As we have stated above that being a master of transcription is not easy. So, when you need to convert recorded audio to text, audio typing service is the best solution. They have experts, who can do transcription for you in very short time and with great accuracy. Instead of wasting so much time and effort, hiring a professional is a better option. If you hire our professionals to convert audio into text, you can enjoy many benefits:

  • You will get accurate transcription. Our experts are well trained. They produce quality content with great accuracy.
  • Our experts have great transcription speed. If you are in hurry, our transcriptionists can help you to complete your job, quickly.
  • We are available round the clock for our clients. You can contact us any time.
  • We can help you to in transcription of the verity of documents and verity of audio files. No matter what the format of your file is, our experts can do the transcription.

We Can Help You to Convert an Audio File to Text

Our experts can convert the typing recording to text, no matter what the format is. Here are a few audio formats, which we can help. Other than these, you can contact us for the transcription of any format.


There are different factors which determine that how long it will take for the transcription audio files.

  • Audio quality: If the quality of the audio is good, it can be transcribed quickly, but poor-quality audios take time.
  • Speed of talking: If the speed of the speaker is slow, transcription will take less time.
  • Number of speakers: If the speaker is one person, transcription will be easy, as the number of speakers increases the time of transcription also increases.
  • Interruptions: Sometimes audio has noise in the background or there are other interruptions, transcription of such audios is time taking.

These are just a few, there can be many others depending on the audio file format. Here is the list of few audio transitions, you can contact us for any kind of transition:

  • MP3 to text
  • MP3 to word
  • WAV to Excel
  • WAV to text
  • FLAC to word
  • FLAC to excel
  • AAC to text
  • AIFF to Word
  • DSD to text

Top 10 Languages We Do Audio Transcription In

We can transcribe your audio file from any language to any language. We have experts for all the languages

English French Arabic Hindi Spanish
Chinese Italian Japanese Russian Bengali

Why Choose Our Audio and Copy Typing Services?

We seek to progressively ensure the best quality of our typing services London, and we employee only well-experienced experts, so if you need the massive advantage that our service can provide you with for audio file transcription, just contact us today! Check out the advantages of using our services:

  • Professional experts
  • In time delivery of the order
  • Accurate transcription
  • Affordable price
  • Confidentiality
  • 24/7 availability
  • Secure payment method

We provide audio typing online service for any kind of audio transcription, no matter what is the language and what is the file format. We have experts for perfect transcription. Call us now!

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