Customer request:
I need you to transfer my 10-minute YouTube audio into text. How much is your rate for this service? And how can you help with video to text transcription?

Our expert answers:

YouTube is one of the easiest and widely accessible ways to record audio and video. Most of our clients record their information or ideas in YouTube and share it to us for transcription. And if you have no idea how to make a transcript of a youtube video we are glad that you consider our company to perform the transcription you need. We provide video to text transcription services and yours is an exciting project to work on.

First, you need to record your information or concept in a recording device such as your phone or a camera with video and audio functions. Save the file as mp3 and upload it to YouTube. We begin YouTube video transcription once we receive your instruction on how you want the document to be formatted. The most common guidelines we follow are the MLA style sheet but you can also request your preferred format.

Through video transcription, our professionals can help you transfer your video into meaningful and readable texts. It will be easier for you to record your thoughts instead of writing it down when you have to think of the words to say.

To get more information about our video to text transcription services, visit our website,

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