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Why Professional Services for Transcription Audio Files Are Popular?

You can find a number of companies these days, who provide transcription services. You may wonder, why audio typing service is so popular. Audio typing service is the need of many businesses. The messages of the CEOs and the meetings are recorded in audio or video files. But later, transcription audio files is done to spread the message to the concerned persons. Another reason of their popularity is the access to information for the people with hearing disabilities. Transcription from audio file to text is done to reach to such people, who can’t hear properly. Moreover, transcription services can convert audio recording to text accurately, which is particularly necessary for academic and medical use.  These services are readily available and can help in times of need.

A Time-Saving Tool for Transcription from Audio File to Text

When it comes to audio to text conversion, you can trust audio transcription services. There are many reasons for that. If you will try to convert audio files into text, you may not be able to do it accurately. It involves a lot of practice to listen to an audio file and type it at the same time. moreover, the typing speed of an individual is not fast enough, which is required to transcribe from an audio recording. Additionally, if the audio is in a language which is not your native language, you may not be able to understand the audio properly. To solve all these problems, audio transcription services is a tool. It can save a lot of your time and the resulting text will be much better than yours. You can find many cheap audio transcription services, which can not only save your time but money too. If you need to convert audio into text in a very short time, they can help you even with short deadlines. They can also help, even if its vice versa, means you need to convert text into audio.

Audio to Text Conversion Rates

When we talk about the audio to text transcription, or when you need to transcribe WMA file to text, everyone is looking for the cheap rates. However, there is no hard and fast rule for the transcription rates. The rates depend on various factors. The length of the audio file is an important factor, to determine the rate. Another factor is the number of speakers. If the audio file is about the single speaker, you can get it transcribed at low price. Other factors include clarity of audio, format of audio and the language. Another important factor is the given time. If you have to complete the order in a short time, you have to pay extra. If you have time, you will be paying normal transcription charges. You can find many companies who offer transcription services. Compare their rates and the services they offer. However, make sure you don’t compromise on quality. Find the one with low rates and good quality.

How to Choose the Best Service to Meet Your Needs?

When a lot of transcription companies are available, it becomes really difficult to decide that which one is ideal for your needs. Here are few factors, which can help you to make the right decision.

  • Professionals: The most important factor to consider is their team. See if they have professionals in their team, they can convert your audio to text, accurately. Some companies hire new people for cheap rates, but the quality of their transcription is very low. Beware of them.
  • Audio format: If you have any particular audio format, for instance, you have to convert MP3 to text. Make sure that the company provides the transcription service for that. Sometimes, audio format is not very common, in that case, ask from the customer support if they can transcribe that or not. It’s important to get information before you place the order.
  • Turnaround time: Some service providers take a long time to complete the order, which is not acceptable in most of the situations. Select that company, which has a short turnaround time, with normal charges.
  • Rates: Yes, you can’t just throw your money. Compare the rates of different companies and their services. Select the one, who offers good service at cheap rates.

Reasons to Choose Us When you Need an Audio Recording to Text

We can convert your voice recording to text and we ensure you that we are the best service, when it comes to transcription. There are many reasons for that.


We provide quality services to our clients, but our charges are very economical. We don’t believe in creating troubles for our clients, that is the reason we ask for the fee which everyone can easily afford. Students are also our clients and they can pay us to form their pocket money.


When you ask us to transcribe my audio, we complete the order in a very short time. We have a large team of professionals, they can complete the task quickly, but we don’t compromise on quality. Their experience is the key, which enables them to do the job quickly but accurately.


We hire only professionals in our team, who are well experienced too. They are expert in various languages and trained to transcribe all types of audio formats. They not only transcribe your audio files, but edit and proofread the content, to make it error free.


Unlike other transcription services, we provide many guarantees to our clients. For instance, we ensure that you will get your order on time. We also guarantee that all the information you provide to us, personal or professional will be kept confidential. Our customer support team is available to help you round the clock, seven days a week. Moreover, our payment methods are verified and safe, you can make payments without any fear. We also guarantee that your work will be done by our professionals, if you need to revise the content, we can do it to satisfy you.

Convert Audio File into Text with Us

If you need to convert MP3 audio to text, or its any other format which you want us to convert, we follow a simple process to ensure that you get quality transcription service, free from any mistake.

  • First of all, our professionals listen to the audio file, you provide to us.
  • When they start transcription, they ensure that not a single word is missing, and you get top quality service,
  • After finishing the transcription, our editors do their job. They edit the content and make sure it is the same as the audio or video file is.
  • After that our proofreaders, read the content and remove spelling and grammar mistakes. They also check the content for plagiarism.
  • The content is sent to you on the given email address. If you need any changes, you can ask for the revision.

Yes, you can find different audio transcribing companies these days, but we will provide you with the best transcription services because we have been for years in this industry and our team aims for the complete satisfaction of our clients!

We can provide you not only with the experts in audio to text transcription you will find online but also as standard you will always benefit from:

  • Professional transcriptionists
  • Transcription of all audio formats
  • Transcription of any language
  • In time delivery of the order
  • Secure payment methods
  • Confidentiality of your data
  • Editing and proofreading services
  • Top quality transcription service
  • Affordable rates
  • Easy ordering process
  • Round the clock customer support

We can do transcription audio files, we have professional transcriptionist, who can transcribe your audio files in cheap rates. Call us for quality transcription at a low price!