Written communication was the main type of communication that existed in the past. Most of our grandparents and great-grandparents or even our parents used to write letters to communicate with people who were far away. However, this is a custom that we’ve been losing over time but haven’t got lost yet, as many people tend to make email communications to connect with other people. In these cases, no matter the type or the reason, a letter typing service can be the best idea. Not only because writing an email can be something really hard for people who are not technology-friendly, but because it can be faster and more efficient if it’s done with document typist.

But if you want to make a letter be good, it is important to know the differences between the various types of letters and the different ways they can be typed or written, plus the differences in use and reasons.

So, we’ve decided to include in this article the different types of letters, from informal to formal. Also, we are going to show you the difference between writing by hand and typing in a mechanical or technologic tool. Moreover, we are going thttps://www.typingservice.org/letter-typing-service-conveying-messages-together/o tell you the benefits and reasons on why you should hire a letter typist for all your written messages or email communications.

Formal and Informal Letters

As there are many ways to communicate a thought or to send a message, the writing format is also important, all from the used style in the letter to the language and structure. However, there are two main types of letter depending on the purpose and the way they should be constructed, these are:

Formal letters

When we don’t know someone on a personal level, or when we need to send a letter to someone with business meanings, there will be a necessity to write a formal letter.

A formal letter can be written due to different causes, from sending an apology to someone we don’t know, to ask for information about something, to apply for a job, to make a complaint to a company or just to give information, a formal letter structure will be needed.

It is important to know that in these formal letters, all pertinent information related to the message should be included. From dates, names, addresses, details and such, especially when it comes to making complaints or to make contact for the first time.

Informal letters

This kind of letters is mostly used by people to communicate with people they already know on a personal level. When it comes to this kind of letter, there are not many rules or structures to follow. It is only important to know what is needed to be said and what the purpose of the letter is, even so, a proper language is not necessary.

These letters are also known as personal letters. Mostly happens when trying to be compelling with someone whose close family has died, to congratulate for personal achievement, to send regards due to a newborn baby and such. However, the most common informal communication we know nowadays happens in email communications.

Handwritten Letters vs Typed Letters

When we communicate messages, we need to make sure that it is sent with the perfect context and meaning. We don’t want people to think that we are not serious enough or that we can’t connect with a situation. However, in modern times, especially when it comes to business, sending a handwritten letter can make people take you less seriously, so it is important to know the difference.

In a world where half of the children have never received a written letter, there is special favoritism for email communications. The written message is being displaced more and more due to the easiest and more reliable way of communication that technology offers.

However, there are some things that make them different from each other. Take a look at the following list of pros and cons of each way:

Handwritten letters


  • They require full attention and concentration, making it less likely to make mistakes or fail in sending the correct message.
  • They improve your creativity.
  • A pen/pencil is cheaper than a writing device like a laptop.
  • You can do it wherever and whenever you are.
  • They are great for informal or personal letters as they show perfectly who you are.


  • They can be really difficult to understand depending on the handwriting of the writer.
  • They don’t work for business letters or formal ones as they are not taken too seriously nowadays.
  • You may find it difficult to correct and make changes to the letter.
Typed letters


  • They can be written in any way, making it easier to create a purpose perfectly.
  • A typed letter looks more professional and more formal.
  • Typing is a lot faster than writing by hand, especially if the writer is trained already.
  • Corrections, changes, and proofreading can be a lot easier.
  • Spell-checking is one of the best tools we can find on writing devices.


  • The content may not feel as personal as with a handwritten letter.
  • Finding concentration can be harder on a computer.
  • Creativity can be hard to find when typing on an electronic device.

As you see, both handwritten letters and typed letters have their cons and pros. Both are used in different ways and can be better in different situations depending on the context and desired purpose. However, you can clearly see that when it comes to business, a handwritten letter won’t be recommended, and when it comes to personal letters, a typed one might feel too neutral.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Letter Typist

On the other hand, there are hundreds of letter typing services that you can use to hire a professional typist to help you with your letter. If you want to make them look better and eventually portray the purpose perfectly, hiring a letter typist is one of the best things you can do. You should know there are not just letters we provide, but we are the appraisal report typing service as well.

Here are the benefits of hiring a professional letter typist:

  • Professional writing format and style. Your letter will look immensely better if you choose to hire a professional typist.
  • Professional typists are faster than any other service and much more reliable when it comes to quality.
  • You won’t have to worry about the content, grammar, spelling or any other feature that could be written incorrectly.
  • You will be saving time, effort and even money as there are services much more expensive than a professional typist.

So, as you’ve already taken a good look at the most common characteristics of written letters nowadays, it is important that you also know which letter typing services can help you develop a perfect letter independently if it is a formal or an informal letter. However, these services are mostly used when it comes to business letters and job applications.

But you won’t have to worry about anything. If you hire a letter typist you can be totally sure that your message will be delivered properly without any mistake and make total sense using the proper writing format. Also, it will help you to convey your message perfectly, making it look better than what you’re expecting.

So, if you are failing to write a letter on your own, don’t hesitate and contact us so you can use our expert letter typing service today!

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