Is There a Need for Services to Translate Audio to Text?

Demand for audio typing services has increased in recent years. The ease with which digital recordings of meetings, seminars, lectures and other voice recordings can be made, and the assurance that nothing is missed, make audio recordings a popular method when a record of the spoken word must be kept. However, a text format remains easier to work with in most cases.

Services to translate audio records into a more easily usable written format have seen increasing demands. Digital audio typing is one of the means of recording information, and audio to text conversion, it puts the information into a text format that is more useful for future references. Picking out specific information can be tedious with audio files, but quickly located in a written transcription.

How Can I Translate Audio to Text?

There are several approaches you can consider to translate sound into text. The following list contains these methods along with a brief analysis of its use.

  • Do it yourself. Not a practical option in most cases.
  • Personal computer software. Audio to text conversion software is available for your personal computer. However, software is prone to errors because of the many differences invoices such as accent, word pronunciation, and inflection. Some software enables adjustments to be made to your own voice for better accuracy but it still is likely to fall short of acceptable standards. For voices other than your own accuracy is even worse.
  • Online audio to text conversion services using the software. The same limitations as software for your personal computer. The difference in individual voices cause errors in numbers that fall well below acceptable standards.
  • Online audio to text conversion using live transcribers. If accuracy is at all important in your transcription, this is really the only viable option. Accents, pronunciation and other voice elements that wreak havoc with a software transcription are easily dealt with by a trained human transcriber.

Choosing the Correct Online Service to Translate Audio Files to Text

There are a large number of online document typing services to choose from when you need audio to text transcription. Some are outright scams while others may try but simply fall short. When choosing a service to translate audio file to text, look for a company that provides the following:

  • Trained and experienced transcribers who are fluent in English with a thorough knowledge of English grammar
  • Guarantee on transcription quality, accuracy, and delivery schedule
  • Quotes on jobs on request
  • Good customer support

Our company’s professional typist provides all the above. Our transcribers are native English speakers with superior transcription skills. We guarantee every transcription to completely satisfy customer requirements. Customer support is always available 24/7 to address any concerns. Also, you can read an interesting article about online voice recording to text typing!

Translate audio to text with us and see for yourself why we are the best service available!

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