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I need someone to retype my paper in APA style, Times New Roman and 12 Font Size. Also, please change all Grade 2 to Grade 1st and retype this PDF document into Word file. Thank you.

Our expert answers:

Thank you for choosing for your paper. Our team is composed of experienced transcriptionists, who have been providing typing and transcription services to clients for years. Among our specialization include formatting such as what you are looking for, to convert MLA to APA style.MLA style refers to the common type of format for literary and humanities papers while the APA style is the standard format for citing references in college papers. Our transcriptionists follow MLA and APA guidelines to make sure that your document adheres to the proper format.

Since you are looking to turn PDF to Word file, we also provide this type of service. We use a specific program for PDF to word converter. Apart from using the software, we also check the file for any error or inconsistencies. This is to ensure that your document is flawless and error-free.

For typing conversion rates, samples, and other concerns about our services, you can visit our website We look forward to being a part of your paper development. Thank you.

Our typing experts will turn PDF to Word as fast as a flash, just leave a request now!

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