Customer request:
I am working on a paper and I need my recording to be transferred to texts. How long does it take you to finish a 100+ paged document? I attached the first 35 pages of my document since you can only accommodate 10 MB. I can send the rest upon receiving your quotation for 115 pages. I also need an error-free and clean formatted document. Tell me more about typical typing speed and typing services. Thanks!

Our expert answers:

Thank you for your interest at typing service. We specialize in transcribing texts, audio, and video materials into Word file or any other preferred document at very affordabletyping service rates. The typical typing speed of a transcriptionist is 60 – 65 words per minute. Our typists are beyond that speed. We only employ the fastest, skilled, and most experienced typists in the industry. Most of our employees have years of typing and formatting experience.  Aside from this, we also ensure that we provide an error-free typing document for our clients. We capitalize on accuracy and speed. Our typists are also skilled in checking the document to make sure that it is error free at all times. Aside from typing services, we also provide formatting, footnotes to endnotes, citations, and audio, video transcription. Should you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.  

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