Why Do You Need to Convert Business Card to Text Information?

We collect business cards from all over all of the time, from networking events and chance meetings through to holiday draw. Those cards, however, are often just left doing nothing a drawer or in someone’s business card holder. With today’s data-driven world, however, we need to get that information uploaded directly into a Customer Relationship Management system as quickly as possible so that we can use the information. We need to digitize business cards so that our systems can read and understand the data that they contain.

The trouble is that even with software to scan the cards there are still many issues to overcome and it is still time-consuming. Trying to accurately scan business cards to Google contacts if you have collected hundreds of them could take forever; yet you need that information in a ready to use form. Even with dedicated scanners such as business card reader Salesforce CRM you are likely to still not have the time to do the work yourself accurately.

This is why it often best to look for cheap data entry services that understand the requirements. Our professional data entry services know how to scan business cards into Google contacts and a host of different popular CRMs quickly and accurately allowing you rapid access to that contact info for your business.

How Can We Digitize Business Cards for You?

There are many issues that you may face when converting business cards into usable data. Not every person that hands you a card understands the need to provide a card that is easy to read and organized in a way that scanners can recognize what information is what. Many try to use fancy scripts, decoration and include additional information that can confuse software designed to convert the information on the card.

This is why it is often best to have the cards digitized manually. Our paper typing services will be able to ensure that when you convert business card to contact information it will be done accurately. Our experts fully understand the requirements for organizing data accurately and can ensure that everything will be transferred into the correct fields on your CRM no matter what system you may be using.

What CRMs Can We Support

While some companies may simply want a business card Excel spreadsheet or to upload the information to Google many companies use dedicated and powerful CRM systems to manage their processes. Our services have staff that is highly familiar with the many systems that are available out there and can support you fully. Our services can provide you with help to upload contacts into all of the following systems and more from your business cards:

  • MS Dynamics: This powerful CRM is provided through Microsoft and can help you run your business while seamlessly linking with many other business-related Microsoft products. With excellent support and a big name behind it, this is an excellent choice for many businesses that want to run their CRM in the cloud.
  • Salesforce: From Activision and AVG through to companies like Aston Martin and Schneider Electrics this is one of the most used CRM packages out there. With apps that you can have on your phone, this is a truly effective and powerful CRM.
  • Zoho CRM: From sales and marketing through to customer support this package is highly versatile as well as being very affordable. In fact, for less than 10 users the system is completely free to use.
  • Base CRM: this CRM has been around since 2009 and has more than 7000 customers that use their software around the globe. Customers include companies such as Cisco and Groupon.
  • Nutshell CRM: available online with apps for IOS and Android this is a very easy to use and also affordable CRM. Screens are easy to understand and yet still offer powerful help. It is also very easy to import your contacts directly from Google or Excel.
  • OroCRM: This is an open source package that is easy to use that offer increased flexibility. With many customers around the world, this package allows you to control everything from marketing through to closing your sales.
  • Mogo CRM: if you are looking for a mobile-based CRM app then this is the one to choose. This package works perfectly with many other apps such as outlook or google apps.
  • Pipedrive CRM: one of the best CRMs to use if you are doing international business. This package has many modules and offers support for almost every currency you might need to do business in. It is also surprisingly affordable.
  • Capsule CRM: with the ability to link many other capsules to your CRM such as MailChimp and G suite this is a versatile package that will help you to ensure that everyone in your business is singing from the same page.
  • Agile CRM: has more than 9000 users around the globe and is also free to use for less than 10 users making this an ideal starting place for small businesses.

The Benefits of Using Our Services

Whether you are looking for a business card excel spreadsheet or for information to be inputted into your specific CRM our services can help you. We provide you with some of the most talented data entry experts that will be capable of organizing data and uploading information accurately for your system. Not only do we have the best staff we also offer:

  • A rapid turnaround on all of our services and will never miss a deadline
  • Highly affordable services that are exceedingly competitive when compared to others
  • Fully confidential support, we never share your information elsewhere
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: if we cannot resolve any issues to your satisfaction we return your money

With us you can get access to the wide range of services, including resume typing services and many more!

How to Work with Our Document Typing Services for Your Digitizing

Converting business card to Zoho contacts or for any other CRM is very simple through our services. Just follow these steps and we will digitize your cards just as you need them:

  • Complete the order form on our website which can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • Make payment using your credit card using our secure systems
  • Discuss your requirements with your assigned expert
  • Review the draft of your required work and request any changes
  • Receive your final digitized business contacts

Ensure that you maximize your business by having our affordable experts digitize business cards for your chosen CRM.

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