Who May Need Cheap Audio Transcription Services?

You may need audio typing services and you are not alone. A number of people need them in different situations. Deaf people or individual with hearing disabilities need to transcribe an audio file, in order to understand it. You may need to transcribe recorded audio to text to give a subtitle to the videos. Audio transcription is needed to keep the record of the information and to deliver it to large number of people. Some people transcribe the audio file to text for the sake of translation. There can be a number of reasons for the transcription of audio file. People from different fields need to do transcription.

Types of Audio Transcription & Ways to Transcribe an Audio File

Before you look for cheap audio transcription services, you need to understand different types of audio transcription.

  • General: Audios or videos, which are transcribed for the sake of information or to reach to more number of people are categorized as general transcription. They are not very technical and can be transcribed easily.
  • Interview: Interviews of political figures, sportsmen, religious scholars are transcribed either for the subtitle of their video recording or to keep them safe in records. This type of transcription from audio file is done with utmost care, to ensure that not a single word is misinterpreted.
  • Business: Another important type of audio transcription is business transcriptions. Messages of CEOs, audios of company meetings and different other audios need to be transcribed. Big companies have a full-time transcriptionist in their office for this job.
  • Medical: Discussions of the doctors are transcribed for future reference and audio transcription is required at many other places too, in the medical field.

When you need to convert audio to transcript, different options are available:

  • Yourself: You can do it on your own, but you have to keep in mind that it will not be easy. You have to listen to the audio and write at the same time. Moreover, the typing speed of a common person is not very high, which makes it difficult to match with the audio.
  • Automatic: You can transcribe audio recording with the help of machines and software as well. Software are available for free. They can do audio recording transcription quickly, but usually it’s full of errors and mistakes. You have to spend a lot of time in reviewing and editing.
  • Professionals: You can hire affordable transcription services. The professionals are trained to do this job. They have high typing speed and experience of transcribing audio files to text. They can do this job accurately and quickly. You will get perfect documents, without any problem.

What Does Transcription Service Can Do?

A lot of audio transcription companies are providing transcription services to their clients. If you wonder, how they can help, here are few questions and answers to make things clear for you.

How transcription services can help?

They have a team of professional transcriptionists, who are trained to do this particular job. They do courses to enhance their capacity and they got proper training for this job.

What kind of audio files they can transcribe?

They can transcribe any kind of audio files. No matter, it’s an interview, a class lecturer or a conference call. They can transcribe any audio and video file.

Can they transcribe all formats of audio files?

Yes, they are the professionals and trained for this job. They can transcribe any audio format.

Can they assist in different languages?

Yes, they have experts for all languages.

Cost & Important Factors When Choosing Audio Transcription Companies

When it comes to the convert audio file to text the cost cannot be fixed, rather it depends on different factors.

  • Length of the audio file is very important. Short audios or video will be transcribed for less fee, while the charges for long ones will be more.
  • Clarity is another factor, which decides the charges. If the audio file is clear, transcription will be easy, and charges will be low.
  • Number of speakers is another factor. If you need to transcribe an audio having many speakers, you have to pay more.
  • Format of the audio is also an important factor. Some formats are easy, like MP3 to text, while others are difficult.
  • If you need transcription in a short time, you have to pay a little extra. Cost depends on the turnaround time as well.

When you have to convert audio speech to text, transcription services can be really helpful. However, you cannot hire just any service. You have to consider few factors, before choosing one.

  • Professional transcriptionist: Make sure that people who are doing transcription from audio files are true professionals. Only professionals can do this Job accurately, others may not be able to do it properly. If there are mistakes the meaning of the text will be changed.
  • Availability: The service you are choosing should provide 24/7 service. It’s very important particularly when you have short deadlines.
  • Affordable: Make sure they charge an affordable fee. However, don’t compromise on quality, even if you have to pay a little more. Accuracy is more important.
  • Comprehensive: The company should provide transcription services for all kinds of audio formats and in all languages.

The Audio to Transcript Formats We Can Help With

Our experts can transcribe text from audio files, no matter what the format is. Here are few audio formats, which we can help. Other than these, you can contact us for the transcription of any format.


We have transcription specialist, who can transcribe your audio file from any language to any language. We have experts for all the languages.

Chinese Spanish English Bengali Hindi
French Japanese Italian Russian Arabic

How to Order Cheap Audio Transcription Services?

Our ordering process is very easy. You have to follow just the few easy steps. Unlike others we don’t ask for the unnecessary information. We value your time and money.

  • Click on the “order now” button on our website or visit the order page.
  • You have to provide your personal information, for contact. We ask for the name and email.
  • Next step is to provide the details about the order. You can upload the files, as well.
  • On the basis of your order details, the urgency of order and the length of the audio file, you will get your billing information.
  • You can make payment: our payment method is secure.
  • The order will be sent to you within the given deadline.
  • You can request for the changes if any.

If you have trouble with transcription of audio file you can rely on our professional team. We give you all of the help and support needed to transcribe an audio file accurately at the highest standards. We give you the best chance of success with fast and cheap audio transcription services.

With us you can relax knowing that you will get benefits from:

  • Professional transcriptionist
  • In time delivery
  • 24/7 service
  • Affordable price
  • Easy order process
  • No plagiarism
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Free revisions
  • Confidentiality
  • Secure payment method

If you have any questions, regarding order or any other thing, you can contact our customer care service. They can answer all your questions.

If you are looking for the cheap audio transcription services, we provide the best transcription service in low price. Call us now!

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