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Can You Type Files under Special Requirements? Does It Provide Any Additional Payments?

professional typing servicesCustomer request:
I’d like to request for a quotation for typing services with special formatting requirements. Columns will be included.

typing help onlineOur expert answers:

We’re thrilled to receive your inquiry on typing conversion rates. We at typingservice.org handle numerous types of text conversion services. We also accommodate special requirements from clients such as inserting columns within the document, formatting, headers, and footers, converting from PDF to Excel or PDF to Word converter.

We also receive common excel requests such as transferring texts from excel to word, tables, and numbers. These common requests are all inclusive of our regular rates, except for more complicated requirements. We also accept text PDF convert to Excel and can help you to copy text from scanned PDF. What makes us different from other typing services? We take pride in our years of experience and high-quality services. Our clients enjoy error-free, accurate, and timely delivery of every project we provide. Our typists and transcriptionists have been in the industry for years and they have the skills and familiarity that every client is looking for.

For all your requests asking to make a PDF convert to excel, feel free to visit our service page!