Alphanumeric Data Entry Services

Alphanumeric Data Entry Services

Alphanumeric data entry refers to the process of keying data into electronic charts using letters and numbers. The advances in technology have led to the development of a whole new industry that connects data entry operators and clients all over the world. Data entry is done remotely so that you no longer have to hire full-time staff and purchase equipment to do the tasks in the office. Data entry alphanumeric has become a regular part of data entry work performed by professional but scan handwriting to text service.

Document Types We Can Help with

We help in typing a verity of types of documents. We have experts, who can type a bulk of data for you. The document types for which we offer our help are as follows:

  • We can type any kind of text, either it is alphanumeric or just numeric.
  • We have experts to type data from your hardcopy.
  • We can do data entry form printed materials, like books, magazine, and newspapers.
  • We can do data entry of your handwritten notes.
  • You can ask for the typing of business documents and catalog your business cards.
  • If you want to type E-books and E-magazines, we can do typing for them too.
  • If you want to save the record of your insurance claims and tax records, we can do the data entry for you.
  • If you are in the marketing business, we can type yellow pages for you.
  • Sometimes your website requires a lot of data to enter, we can do that for you.
  • For students, we can do typing of surveys, questionnaires and their reports as well.
  • We can type the mailing list of your clients and you can send your promotional email to all of them at once.
  • If you need to type your book or biography, we can type that for you.
  • For doctors and related professions, we can do the data entry of the details of their patients and it will be easier for them to keep a check when they come for follow up.
  • If you want the safety of some historical data, we can help you. In digital form, data will be safer.
  • If you are running a school, we can type the details of your students in each class, helping you with better management.
  • We can do data entry, no matter you want Excel sheet or the Word documents.
  • We offer our services to travel agents to maintain the record of the destinations and the number of people, who use their services.

Important Factors in Alphanumeric Data Entry

Speed and accuracy are two important elements in alpha numeric data entry. The employees we hire for this service must demonstrate speed in keystroke ability, such as that required for hiring a regular typist. We require the operators working in numeric data entry to have a keystroke hourly rate between 7000 and 12000. The testing process we use for the operators requires that they meet the standard for speed with 95% accuracy. However, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer 100% accuracy in every project for data entry alphanumeric.

Types of Work Involved in Alphanumeric Data Entry

When you speak of data entry services it means that the operator keys in data to a database, which is work that can be performed very quickly by an efficient typist. The type of work usually covered in this manner includes such things as address information, lists of names and telephone numbers. It is also used in the creation of Excel spreadsheets. The main purpose of this type of alpha numeric data entry is to be able to key in information that involves large numbers.

Our professional typing services are always open to take your order for alphanumeric data entry. You can place an order in the evening and receive the finished project the following day. In this way, you don’t have to use up your leisure time on work-related activities and you are still prepared for the work day tomorrow. We meet your deadlines and this means you don’t have to wait for service.

Place your order for alphanumeric data entry at our service now and enjoy your free time!