About Our Audio Typing Services

There are still people who are forced to do a hunt and peck typing. These poor souls have business reports and other communication that needs to be typed, but there is no typing pool to go to for the assignment. This can be a serious problem if there is a tight deadline on a report. Dictating into an online machine is risky. The problem is that the automation may not pick up the words you are saying due to the sound of your voice. An individual in these instances of heavy pressure needs to have a good audio typing service to help. We are the firm to use in a tight situation and our affordable typing services are the best choice. We use professional transcribers to provide service. These people are fluent in English and have considerable experience in doing transcription. They can produce a report that is exactly what the client wants to have. That means not just the right words, but the proper grammar as well.

Affordable Audio Typing Services

There are many people who will use audio typing services that are based overseas. The reason is that the prices are so low. Meaning no disrespect to foreign companies, we are 100% based in the United States. No client has to explain expressions that are commonly used in American English to our staff. Additionally, our prices are extremely reasonable and made to fit any budget. A client can be assured that he or she will receive exceptional service when they work with us.

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How Can You Convert Audio to Text?

Audio transcription is taking the spoken word and converting it into a written format. For many recording what they want to say is far easier than making notes or typing out what they want to say themselves. However what has been said still needs to be gotten down in writing at the end.
There are of course different methods for converting the spoken word to the written word:

  • Speech to text software: there are many different programs that you can use, many of which are free to use. They are able to “listen” to your audio file and automatically convert the speech to text. While these programs are often very quick to use they are rarely totally accurate. Most will struggle with broad accents and also if the quality of the recording is poor. They also cannot handle several speakers as they will not differentiate between them. The end result will often need considerable editing and reviewing so the speed of the transcription is often lost with the additional work required to get it right.
  • Manual transcription: good audio typing services will use a typist to do your transcription. They will listen to the audio file and use their skills to get what they hear down on paper. Often they will use software and tools to make it easy to play back, pause and go back over the audio while they type. Good audio typists can convert audio files to text quickly and accurately as well as being able to recognize multiple speakers for your written version.

We use real people because our clients are real people. Our staff understands the anxiety of the client, and our turnaround time is the best in the business. We make a point of delivering service with as much respect and empathy as possible.

What Formats Can Our Audio Typing Services Handle?

There are many different ways that you can record speech for transcription today. People can use purpose-built recording devices, video cameras, and even their mobile phones. This can mean that the audio file produced may be in many different formats. If you are looking for someone who can transcribe my audio our specialized services will be able to playback and transcribe your file in a large number of different formats such as:

  • WAV
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • RealAudio
  • MPEG
  • Apple AIFF
  • Sony MSV

Your file can then be converted into text in any specific format that you require such as Word, Excel, WordPad, LaTex, MacWrite, and many others.

How to Work with Our Audio to Text Transcription Service

Our audio typing services are very easy to work with. Simply follow these steps:

  • Tell us your requirements: complete the order form and upload your audio file on our website at any time 24/7 and our staff will review and process your requirements.
  • Pay for your required services: we offer some of the most competitive prices for transcription and your payment is made through secure methods to protect you.
  • Your transcriber is assigned: they will contact you for any additional information required to ensure that the transcription is done precisely as you need it.
  • Review the initial draft: if you feel that any changes are required we offer you unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied.
  • Take delivery of the final document: it is delivered on time after careful proofreading and formatting to your requirements.

Our transcription experts understand the value of the work they are doing they provide the best possible quality. A client can be assured that he or she is not talking to some machine or disinterested person thousands of miles away. We believe that good service includes courtesy and that is what every client will get from us.

We Offer the Best Audio Transcription Services

Our data entry services UAE and other audio typing services are fully guaranteed for your protection:

  • Guaranteed delivery inside of your requested deadline.
  • Guaranteed accuracy and error-free typing after our free proofreading.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality on all of our affordable services.
  • Guaranteed full satisfaction with your transcription or your money back.

There is no reason to try attempting to type a lengthy report or use the services of somebody who is not fully proficient in English. We can provide quick service that comes from people who are based in the United States and familiar with American English. We encourage any prospective client to contact us with any questions they may have. We appreciate all inquiries.

Get your documents finished perfectly and on time every time by working with our fast and affordable audio typing services today!