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PSD JPG File Formats

PSD is a file extension for Photoshop file and stands for Photoshop Documents. Developed by Adobe mainly for the Graphical designers, the software creates a layered output image. A user can edit the image by working on the individual layers of the file and produce a different output. However, the software comes with many options of masks, texts, colours supporting grayscale, monochrome, and duotone modes. The main disadvantage while using this format is the resultant image is quite large in size and thus not suitable for email or other web purposes.

PDF file format is a proprietary format, which stands for Portable Document Format. Once again developed by Adobe, this format allows a user to read documents online or offline a page by page format. The best part is a user can view the file exactly in a printed format. Its acrobat reader provides you with several options of view, print, search keywords and easy to share. Apart from these functions, the pdf files cannot by altered by the third person and thus protected.

Why Export PSD to PDF

PSD is a very useful file format but with its own shortcomings. If you are an avid web user and love sharing your files, PSD format can be a bit cumbersome. The resulting image in this format is quite heavy in size and thus not portable. One can also face difficulties while printing this file format. Our online PSD to PDF converter helps you to overcome these problems, by helping you to convert PSD to PDF online. PDF being the most commonly used format and easy portability are good enough reasons to convert PSD to PDF. ‘Typing Service’ online converter helps you to easily save PSD as PDF file format. Unless your file is made of many layers, the wise advice would be to use our PSD to PDF converter.

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PSD File Without Conversion to PDF Format

No doubt, there is a great use of photoshop in every field of life nowadays and conversion of PSD file to PDF format has become a big issue for lots of people. Intact, when many designers send the PSD file to their customers after preparing their required designs, most of the people who have no use of photoshop in their routine activities, don’t have photoshop program at their computers. Finally, they become fail in getting access to their required design and when they ask their designer to resend this file in PDF format, they demand extra charges. Now the customers have no choice but to pay extra charges to these designers.

Benefits of Converting PSD File to PDF Format

The crystal-clear benefit of converting PSD file into PDF format is that it doesn’t matter that a person has photoshop program on its computer or not. In other words, there remains no need of getting expertise in photoshop when a person knows the procedure of converting PSD file into PDF format. He can simply go to the internet and take some professional help of converting PSD format to PDF format at very cheaper rates. The other benefit is that there remains no need of getting blackmailed by the designers in terms of paying them extra amounts for converting the PSD file to PDF format.

One more benefit of choosing online converter service for converting the PSD file into PDF format is saving the precious time. What happens when a person asks the designer to convert the file from PSD to PDF format, the designer does not do this simple and small task in a quick manner, he tries to manage this task in his own comfortable timeframe without bothering the urgency of a customer. To avoid this hectic situation, the best way is no other than taking the professional help. Our online conversions service helps you to avoid all these problems and get PSD to PDF file conversion not only at very cheaper rates but in very short span of time as well. We take care of the urgent need of our customers and try our best to let them in a highly comfortable zone.

Converting PSD to PDF Was Never This Easy

If you have already spent your useful time to convert PSD file to PDF format manually, Typing Service.org allows you to finish your work in few simple steps with the help of our user-friendly online converter. It completes the complicated steps of conversion in a matter of no time, saving your time and labor without costing you a penny. All you have to do is follow simple steps on our web page: select any number of files on your computer and press convert for automatic online conversion. However, the key feature of our tool is that you can also convert pdf to PSD by following equally simple steps.

Our PSD to JPG converter will help you with your task!