If you’ve ever received a PDF file that you need to convert to text, it can be done really easily if you have Windows. But if you work with Mac OS, the task can change considerably and eventually demand other tools and strategies to make it possible. Converting PDF to text Mac is not something, as typing documents on Mac, it’s really exhausting and sometimes even difficult.

But here our typing services online have the perfect solutions for you. We will show you the best writing and editing programs for you to convert your files easily and avoid wasting so much of your time or effort. Take a look!

The Best Writing Tools on Mac OS

Want to start using Mac OS but don’t know about good writing programs? Try these:

  • Google Docs: As well as they work in Windows, Google Docs is also available for Mac users. You can simply write and edit in different files without any problem.
  • Open Office: Known as the copy of Microsoft Office, this open version can be used on any platform and works almost the same way as the original.
  • Apple Pages: The default word processor for Mac users, it is also one of the best to use because it is simple and very comfortable.

How to Convert PDF to Text in Mac

There are many ways to convert PDF to Mac Word, however, not all of these ways offer the same efficacy and all of them are easy. Here, we have the best 3 ways you can use to convert PDF to Word Macbook:

PDF to Word via Google Docs
This is a very easy method provided by Google Docs to all users in the world, whether you use Windows or Mac OS. However, those with Mac OS can actually get the best from it by just uploading the PDF file they want to convert and then downloading back by clicking the “Save as” option and choosing “.docx” or “Word Document”.
Copying the PDF text and paste it into a Word or Doc in Mac OS
This is the manual way of converting PDF to word text in Mac OS. It is very easy, as easy as doing it on any other platform. You just need to go to the PDF, highlight the information you want to Copy, Right-Click and select Copy. Then go back to the Doc file and paste all the info there. You can also do it by using the Command + Letter C to copy and Command + Letter V to paste.
Use Adobe Export tool

Using the Adobe Export Tool to convert your PDF files to Doc or Docx is the best option for anyone. Using this tool is more efficient, easier, and eventually more comfortable. You just need to open PDF with Adobe Reader, look for the Convert option and choose Microsoft Word or Doc document. There are also many other files to convert to like Excel Files, RTF and more. This is done perfectly, adapting the format, structure, and font without problems at all.

But this demands the user to pay for the service. However, there is also another way to do efficiently.

Retyping to Save Text from PDF

Retyping the PDF to text Mac is the efficient way you have to convert PDF to Word MacBook. It is not as comfortable and simple as other methods but it is the most efficient and the one that shows the best results. By typing a document on Mac without using any other tool, wasting your effort and money, you will be doing it perfectly according to what you need. Use retyping for to convert your PDF to text and achieve better performance.

Need Help Transforming PDF to Text Mac?

If you are looking for a service to convert PDF to Mac Word or convert image text to Word file, you have come to the right place. Here we offer the best services you can ask for when it comes to:

  • Professional typing
  • Professional retyping
  • Professional formatting
  • Professional editing
  • And much more!

Do not lose your time or effort with service that doesn’t work. Transform your files today with us and receive the best quality you can expect.

Get in touch with us right now and learn how to put our convert PDF to text Mac secrets into work!

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