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I received the document you completed for me. I have reviewed it and used It for my intended purpose and it satisfies by needs. Thanks for completing this task for me. Until the next time

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The Process of Manuscript Typing

What does the manuscript typing process involve?

Manuscript typing is basically making a type written copy from another document. In some cases this is a very straight forward and easy process, if the original document is in an easily read format. However in some instances such as with a hand written manuscript it may be more difficult to read, and slow typing down. After typing the first draft of the manuscript it should then be proofread for any mistakes and a final copy made. A final proofreading should then be done, before considering the process complete. It is a good idea to have somebody else proofread the manuscript if you are the one typing, as the mind and eye can play tricks and you will be more inclined to see what you meant to type than what is actually there, and thus miss errors you may have made. An alternative is to have manuscript typing done by a manuscript typing service such as the one our company provides.

Our manuscript typing process

When you have us type a manuscript for you, the process will consist of the following steps:

  • Place manuscript order – Complete our online order form with all the necessary information and attach the manuscript that is to be typed. If there are special instructions they should be included. Don’t forget to include your contact information in case we have any questions. When you submit your order you will be taken to the payment page.
  • Make your payment – Choose your payment method. After payment is made your manuscript is assigned to a typist.
  • Manuscript file review – The manuscript typist will review your file, and get clarification on any questions they may have
  • First draft – The manuscript typist completes the first draft and submits it to the proofreading department
  • Final draft – The final draft is proofread and sent to you.

There are additional advantages to using our service aside from simplifying the manuscript typing process for you.

Advantages of our typing service

Using our manuscript typing services makes your manuscript typing an easy process for you, and of course that is the primary purpose of our service. Some additional advantages you gain include the following:

  • Guarantee – We guarantee that you will receive your completed typed manuscript on time and that it will completely satisfy all your requirements.
  • Customer support 24/7 – Customer support is always available to address questions and concerns when you have them.
  • Affordable rates – Our prices are affordable and won’t break your budget. We also offer discounts.
  • Customer confidentiality – We provide complete customer confidentiality for any information provided to us by the customer.

 When you need manuscript typing, contact us for accurate and affordable manuscript typing that is guaranteed to meet your needs!