The only real way to improve at any skill is to keep practicing using the best typing app or online keyboard games to make the process more interesting. But sometimes, it seems like this vital understanding is being lost as it’s getting easier to use the internet to find and hire someone else who’s already mastered the task you’ve been set. This is not so when it comes to copying down your own ideas from within your head, so you’ll need to learn how to type quickly and accurately. Make the most of the options below and find a typing test app that’ll help you boost your skills to the next level.

Choose the Best App to Learn Typing

Most people don’t know how to type properly, resorting to the use of just a couple of fingers at a time. Taking any approach other than a proper touch typing method leaves you with far too much work to do. If you practice with a speed typing app, you’ll train yourself to get faster and faster at typing, making any computer-related tasks easy. Consider the top 10 apps here and choose the best app to learn to type at speed.

  • Typing Test provides you with easy access to 60-second typing tests based on a range of interesting and effective material from Aesop’s fables to the Wizard of Oz. There’s also an element of gamification here that’ll keep things exciting enough that you’ll want to continue for as long as it takes for you to become a true master of speedy touch typing. In addition to all of this, the makers offer a special version for schools so you can teach your students how to type as fast as you can.
  • Keybr focuses on teaching you how to touch type from the very beginning of your journey all the way to true mastery of this essential office skill. The words used are real, unlike those chosen by many touch typing training programs, letting you develop skills you can actually use when push comes to shove. This app generates more difficult words at a pace that it detects you’ll be comfortable with. In this way, you never feel frustrated that you’re not making progress.
  • Type the Alphabet is a simple app that works straight out of your web browser. While it’s not a great idea to focus only on typing out the alphabet in order, this is an integral part of building up your skills as professional typists for hire. You need to be able to access any letter on the keyboard whenever you want, and the use of the English alphabet is the simplest way to keep practicing this vital skill.
  • Stamina uses its very name to explain a major part of what a good speed typing app will teach you. Once you can touch type, you need to learn how to keep it up without becoming mentally and physically exhausted. The use of a graph that represents your rate of typing will let you quickly work out when and how you become tired, giving you the chance to solve any tiredness issues you might have. This is simply invaluable if your job relies on your typing speed.
  • Rapid Typing is a portal that offers a range of different typing practice options from simple lessons all the way to practice sessions in the form of games. Unlike many other apps of this type, Rapid Typing also helps you to learn how to use the number pad to quickly enter long series of digits. The progress tracking system tells you exactly how you’re getting along, so you can make sure that you reach your goals well within the time you set for yourself.
  • Typing Invaders is an arcade game based on the incredibly famous and highly addictive Space Invaders. Instead of using a joystick to shoot down alien ships, you destroy them with your typing prowess. Each ship has a letter on it which you must type in order to shoot your enemies. This will help you learn how to type random characters in no particular order, making the actual typing of real words a task that’s easier than ever.
  • QWERTY Warriors takes a similar approach to that of Typing Invaders, except that you’ll have to type whole words in order to shoot your enemies dead. If you type a word correctly, your enemy will fall, but if you don’t, they’ll get closer and closer until you perish. It has four levels of difficulty, so you can make your way up the rankings at your own pace.
  • Type Racer pits you against other typists in a race to see who can finish the allotted text first. These texts are pretty interesting to read and you’ll most likely learn some fun new facts as you type. There’s a practice mode so that you can get to grips with the program before you go head to head against the fastest typists you’ll find anywhere online. What’s more, you can even invite your friends and colleagues to see who’s got the nimblest fingers in your office.
  • Typing Web is a great choice for teachers as it offers a range of tools and approaches with which to demonstrate how to type properly. It comes with several classroom management tools, includes a fun and engaging curriculum, and best of all, it’s completely free of charge. This app works because it challenges students while maintaining the perfect level of encouragement in the form of animations, games and helpful commentary.
  • Type Faster is a free tutorial program that offers a range of different tools to help you advance in the world of touch typing. It offers a range of different keyboard layouts, so it’s perfect for those who do not use a typical US English keyboard style. Of course, this also makes it useful for those who work in the field of translation. It teaches you which fingers to use and when to use them to maximize your efficiency, thus making you a perfect typist.

When it comes to using a keyboard, the two things that matter most are speed and accuracy. You can’t excel at one and not the other and still, expect to call yourself an expert typist. Try using a typing test app to hone your skills and make typing truly second nature. Each of these 10 great apps has something to offer, so give them a shot and boost your skills to the next level.

Do We Really Need to Learn to Type Fast?

In today’s computer and internet age, it is vital to be able to type quickly and consistently. After all, we don’t very often have the luxury of a secretary to do the work for us. Script writing format is something that we all have to do at some point but, generally, most of us cannot type fast enough to keep up with what we are thinking; so we end up missing things and making mistakes when we type. Learning how to type fast, however, is not that difficult no matter how old you are. Most people find that if they spend any length of time typing that they end up tired with various aches and pains, this is because they are not seated correctly at their keyboard. You need to be sat square to the keyboard on a firm comfortable chair that supports your back, feet flat on the floor in front of you. Your wrists should be level with the height of the keyboard and the monitor should be directly in front of you.

Practice Will Help You with How to Type Fast

If you want to learn to type fast you will have to give up the two finger hunt for the keys and learn how to touch type. It is not actually too difficult to learn to touch type and it will ensure that your speed and accuracy increase rapidly. Much of fast typing is training your fingers to hit the right keys without having to look at the keyboard all of the time. Touch typing gets you to maintain your fingers in the one home position and use each finger for only a small selection of keys. Once you get started it is surprising just how quickly you start to get the hang of hitting the right keys. Don’t try to rush, start slowly and it will not take long before your fingers start to hit the right keys with little thought.

If you really want to learn to type fast you need to practice. Practice, as they say, makes perfect; even if only 30 minutes a day you need to practice your typing if you want to get faster. Stick to the touch typing and don’t try to use your own little twists and techniques to make things easier. You will find that your fingers quickly get used to the movements required to hit the keys. There are many programs and even games and apps that you can use to help you to improve your typing speed. Also, here is an interesting post about how to digitize business cards, find out some useful information!

Make the most of a useful typing test app to level up your speed and accuracy. Typing skills are simply invaluable in the modern age so it’s time to get started.

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