Customer request:
Hi! I need help with converting hand-written chemistry formulas in PDF. You may use any software you might find useful. Deadline is 24 hours. Please, inform if you will be able to cope with it. Thanks in advance!

Our expert answers:

Thank you for your inquiry. We at specialize in transcribing information from any form into text and hand-written chemistry formulas are among our lines of services. In working with complex projects like this, we request clients to send a scanned copy or photos of the document for transcription. The document must be clear and legible to ensure accuracy.  We employ only the best and transcribers who are skilled on how to type chemistry symbols in Word. Once the document is done, we send it to a client for final approval. Although chemistry formulas to PDF are complex projects, we get it 100% on first draft most of the time. We ensure accurate, error-free, and timely delivery of every project we work on.

Aside from photos or scanned documents, we also specialize in transcribing record text to voice. This service makes our services unique. Unlike other typing services that only work on recorded files to text, and we also work vice versa. Most of these documents are used in audio presentations.

For more details about hand-written chemistry formulas, our services, rates and sample works, talk to our friendly customer support!

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