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How to Make a Video Transcription in 2 Hours?

Video transcription is a process where audio from videos is translated into electronic or written text. This is commonly performed by a transcriptionist or a program using speech recognition. Video transcription is used by many businesses to generate a higher ranking for websites. It is also easier for viewers to see the text as a translation to convey the message of the video. It serves as a good source of information for a conference and legal proceedings. The following article will teach you how to make a transcript of a video. Discover how you can benefit from using our data entry service here.
how to make a transcript of a video


Things You Need

  • Good working headphones: The quality of your headphones will affect your video transcription. It should have clear sound to allow you to listen well and keep you from playing the video over and over again to understand the audio. You can buy good working headphones for $20. If you want more sophisticated and quality designs, you must invest starting $100. Also, make sure that your headphones are comfortable, especially if you are about to transcribe longer videos more often.
  • Transcription software: Most transcription software are free. This software allows you to pause, rewind, and speed up, or slow down the audio that you are listening to. The software usually comes with shortcut keys for easier transcription. Among the free software are Express Scribe, InqScribe, and HyperTranscribe, MaxQDA, and MacSpeech Scribe.
  • An ergonomic keyboard and workstation: If you want to learn how to make a transcript of a video, you need a comfortable working station such as an ergonomic chair, table and keyboard. Transcribing involves long hours of sitting and listening so it is crucial that you are comfortable with your position. Looking for a document typist? See how our services can assist you with it.

The Transcription Process

  • Learn to type faster. This is a skill you need to master quickly. A good transcriptionist has an average of 65+ words per minute (wpm) error-free. There are simple keyboard games that you can use to practice your typing skills.
  • Listen well. You need to listen carefully to every word that the speaker says to enable to transcribe perfectly. Good thing for video transcription is that you can see how the speaker enunciates the words.
  • Memorize shortcuts. You have to familiarize yourself with the basic keyboard and software shortcuts to help you save time and transcribe more speeches.
  • Proofread your transcription. Before you hit SEND, make sure that you have read and reviewed your transcript. You can use automatic spell check to correct any spelling errors in the document.

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