Benefits of Online Keyboard Games

Trying to get your typing up to speed? It’s not much fun. Repeating the same boring letters over and over again is a trial, and there’s nothing much to distract you. The most you can look forward to is copying contextless bits of Shakespeare. What on earth is a person to do to keep their interest on the task at hand?

Typing games can be very helpful. They engage your senses and give you motivation. The format of online keyboard games is proven to help to learn, as it gives people a concrete reward they can chase, instead of the abstract ones that most learning activities provide. The incentives and fun elements keep you learning. But where can you find the best typing games? Let us suggest some to you.

List of Best Typing Games Online

Looking for games to make typing fun? Here’s our recommended list.

  1. Type Travel: This cute travel-themed game is shaped like a map, to take you interesting places as you type. If you’re a history buff, you may find the look of this game fun.
  2. Ninja Cat: The full title, Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs, says everything you need to know about this quirky typing game. It has fun levels set in cemeteries and parks.
  3. Desert Racer: Motor down the highway at increasingly high speeds and jump over other cars with your typing ability. Racing fans should enjoy this one!
  4. Save the Sailboat Race: In this game, letters are falling from the sky as a sailboat race goes on! You, a valiant typing hero, must make the letters and words disappear by typing them quickly enough that they don’t crash into the sailboats and wreck the race.
  5. Typing Olympics: For all, you sport fans out there, put your hands together for a game that lets you type in order to fulfill great feats of athletic ability. The better you type, the more your athlete wins.
  6. Balloon: Pop balloons with each letter and word in this simple, enjoyable, strangely satisfying typing game.
  7. Meteor Typing Blast: Blast UFOs and meteors out of the universe by typing at your level – choose what letters you want to use for easier practice.
  8. Space Invaders: In this game, you have to type words to defeat the squiggly little space invaders that are flying by trying to invade earth.
  9. Keyboard Revolution: This is kind of like Dance Dance Revolution, but for your fingers! Type quickly along with fun beats.
  10. Trick or Type: Help cute little ghosts collect candy by typing the words to make it drop from the sky.

Find Best Online Typing Games

Typing is never going to be an easy task to learn. There’s a lot of muscle memory involved in typing quickly, and that makes it tricky. There simply aren’t any shortcuts to muscle memory; you have to practice and practice until you’ve got your fingers to do what you want. Then if you want to be faster, you have to practice some more. But with typing games, you have a reason to keep practicing. And if you want some more help, our typing assistant is always available. Typing is important – don’t cheat your future self out of a vital skill.

Check out some of the best typing exercises online that can help you master the art of typing!

Improve your skills with the best online typing games!

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