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Video Speech To Text Converting

Why Do a Video Speech to Text Conversion?

Video recordings have become a popular method of making a record of meetings, lectures and research notes among many other things. Anytime a record of what is being said and /or done is necessary or desirable, a video recording is fast, easy and inexpensive. No technical expertise is necessary and equipment requirements are minimal. Many people have the means of making a video recording at their fingertips via their cell phone. Rather than make written notes, where something may be overlooked, a video recording can be initiated with no more effort than it takes to remove a pencil from your pocket. However when it comes to referencing video notes, a written transcript is often easier to work with. Locating precise statements or facts is much more easily done when scanning a written document, than scanning through a video. Also a written transcript lessens any confusion over words misheard by listeners. Video is an excellent means of collecting information, but a written transcript often makes the information more useable.

How Do I Get a Video Speech to Text Conversion Done?

There are several alternatives for having a video voice to text conversion done. The following is a brief description of options you may use.

  • The do it yourself method. Time consuming and in most cases not a viable option
  • Speech to text conversion software. Not every software handles every video format so it may be required to convert a video file to another format. Also software conversions tend to be full of mistakes. People speak with different accents, word pronunciations and tones that confuse software often leading to a transcript that makes no sense. While less of a problem, software also can’t see video, missing hand gestures and expressions that aren’t always important but could be.
  • Video/audio to text conversion services using a live transcriber or audio transcriptionist. By far the most accurate service. If the transcription is important, then this is the way to go.

Selecting a Video Speech to Text Conversion Service

When having a video speech to text transcript made, the single most important element is the transcriber. The best transcribers should possess the following skills

  • Native English speaker with a thorough understanding of English grammar rules. Familiar with wide variety of commonly used slang terms.
  • Fast and accurate typing skills
  • Trained listening skills to distinguish between several voices

Our company’s video/audio to text typing service uses only transcribers who possess these skills. They must also have a commitment to customer satisfaction and be dedicated to supplying superior service. We guarantee every transcription for quality, accuracy and on time delivery. Customer support is ready to address any concerns 24/7. The rates for our service are competitive and affordable, with discounts available. For superior video and audio to text transcriptions, for example if you need to convert wma to text, contact us for the best in transcription services.

Our experienced audio typists with fast accurate speed specialize in typing texts from any audio sources.