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Typos Everywhere: The Golden Collection of the Funniest Typos

The Unfortunate Lack of Proofreading

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, more people are typing than ever before. Unfortunately, that means there are more typos than ever before. Have a laugh at these particularly gruesome specimens that are funny, strange, and change the meaning of the sentence they’re in entirely.

Typos in Books, Typos in Advertising, Typos Everywhere

There are so many examples of hilarious typos that it’s kind of even scary. What are people doing in schools these days? Need to pay more attention during language classes, kids.

 Anyway, here are few bright examples of how a little typo can turn the meaning upside down completely.

  1. One woman, whose image won’t be shown to protect her privacy, photographed herself with a sign reading “sexist women of MySpace”. Her intention was to demonstrate her attractiveness, but instead she demonstrated her lack of spelling knowledge.
  2. Some lucky person got to buy a bottle of pills that said “Take one capsule by mouth nightly 3 hours before ded.” How promising. The pharmacist probably had a few regrets when they realized what they’d done.
  3. A very confusing parking sign that says “Customers parking only. All others will be toad” has been wondering the webs.  Can someone please finally correct this mistake?
  4. One very modern church sign said: “If ur faith is big enough facts dnt count”. Well, apparently spelling either. Hallelujah to that!
  5. Another sign said: “Who is controlling your mind: God or satin”. At this point, I’m not even sure.
funny typos everywhere

image credit: quickmeme.com

Avoiding Funny Text Typos

As hilarious as these typos and keyboard puns are, you don’t want to end up on a similar list. You want to become a competent typist who can type quickly and without any errors. So for that, we offer you a list of helpful tips that will allow you to become more assured in your typing facilities.

  1. Touch type: This is a skill that takes a long time to achieve, sometimes even weeks, but practice will get you there. Learn to type without looking at the keyboard. Because you’re able to watch the screen, you’ll be able to catch any typos as they appear.
  2. Keep your fingers on the home keys: This is, in fact, part of the key to good touch-typing, although it’s worth knowing on its own merits. When you’re typing, there’s a list of keys called the “home row”. It’s easy to position your fingers correctly: put your two forefingers on the F and J keys and the rest will fall naturally into place. Side note: keep your thumbs on the spacebar.
  3. Use keyboard shortcuts: Did you know that clicking control+c (or command, for macs) on text you’ve highlighted will let you copy? Ctrl+a is used to select all, ctrl+x to cut, ctrl+z to paste, ctrl+s to save, and ctrl+f to search. These help you practice your typing and also mean you don’t have to reach for the mouse so often.
  4. Practice with fun games: Typing can be fun! Practice doesn’t have to mean tediously copying out Shakespeare and struggling through yet another heavy text as you try to keep your eyes open in the evening. Instead, consider typing games that can liven up your experience and make it easier for you to persist.
  5. Don’t forget to proofread: Though this isn’t a typing tip, proofreading is a major savior when you’re trying to avoid typos. Don’t skip it!

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Be a Successful Typist

Looking to create a professional image? Well, typing well is a great way to do it. You should take all these typos and our tips for avoiding them as inspiration. You too can be an amazing typist and astound friends and colleagues with the high quality of your work. No matter where you’re at, our advice can help you become better. Cultivate your future with typing service.

Don’t be a part of this “typos everywhere” trend – proofread!