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Get Your Typing Game to a New Level with These Typing Exersices Online

Why Improving Your Typing Speed

If there’s one thing that’s true of our modern world, it’s that typing quickly is a crucial skill. A vast majority of communication is done online now, and we know the importance of typing to online communication. The faster you can type, the faster you’ll be able to write, which helps get all kinds of work done more quickly. So how can you improve your speed? Try using typing exercises.

Uses of Exercises for Typing

Exercises for typing are a very popular way to learn how to type. The reason is that they’re a bit livelier than just copying and copying from a heavy text, and they can also help get you up to speed faster. The specialized nature of the exercises makes it easier for you to focus on your areas of weakness and move along with them.

You should use typing exercises no matter where you are in your journey of learning to type. Beginners can learn to type more accurately. Those who are solid typists already can get their speed up to impressively fast levels. If you’re already quick and accurate, you can boost yourself even more.

best typing exercises online

image credit: livesomeday.wordpress.com

Our List of Typing Exercises

It’s all very well to talk about using these exercises, but how can you find them? To help you, we’ve put together a list. These exercises will all help you get faster and better at typing. Check them out and try them for yourself!

  • Row by row practice: Look at all the keys on the home row. They will probably look something like this: asdfghjkl;’. What you’re going to do is practice the home row keys using a combination. Go a few letters at a time, like to write . In this way, move slowly along so that you’ve combined common home row letters. Likewise, you’ll practice each row in this way.
  • Navigate by keyboard: Look up common keyboard shortcuts and challenge yourself to use your mouse as little as possible. This will help you get a better feel for the keyboard and will make typing easier and more comfortable.
  • Transcription: This is a bit advanced, but try to find an audio recording of someone talking slowly. As they talk, typing along with what they say. Don’t be frustrated if this is very difficult at first. People talk very quickly and it’s okay to listen to things over and over again. But this is a natural way to try and speed yourself up. It can be something fun, too, like a TV show or a song.
  • Practice numbers: Don’t forget your numbers! Check out lists of alternating letters and numbers and try to copy them; you’ll rapidly get faster at mixing the two.
  • Image transcription: Find a picture with words and type what it says. Again, this can be something fun. Just get something that you can copy any letters or numbers from.

Beware! Typos everywhere! Check out some of the funniest typos online!

Become a Better Typist with Help

Although working on your own is certainly feasible, most things are easier with the help of a professional typist. We understand this, and that’s why we advise you to seek help. Our skilled professionals can help you even if you don’t know anyone else who can. Try it out and give yourself a boost.

Get use of these typing exercises online and become a real pro!