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Professional Audio Typing Online

Audio Typing – What Is It?

Audio typing online, or in situ in the case of a stenographer, is the act of transcribing dictation or any form of audio (think podcasts) into typed text. In the past, transcriptionists would need to be well versed in the subject matter they were transcribing to prevent errors during live transcriptions or to clarify points of confusion when retyping the transcribed document. Although there are still specialists such as legal and medical transcriptionists, the internet has largely obviated the need to specialize as much of the information is available online.

A Profession in Demand

Professional audio file transcription is a service that is in demand and it shows no signs of slowing anytime in the near future. Whether it is healthcare, law, private businesses or the media at large, there is a great need for rapid transcription of audio files so that audio information can be converted into readable forms. Many people assumed that, with the coming of the digital age and the subsequent rise to prominence of MP3s and podcasts, there would be little need for transcription services but the reality has turned out to be quite the opposite. Today, there is simply a shortage of the supply of qualified transcriptionists making it a great opportunity for individuals looking to change careers as well as those tech-savvy companies now offering services that provide audio typing online.

The Benefits of Audio File Transcription

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of transcribing audio files is the fact that the provide text backups of important audio files. Even more importantly, these files can be printed and stored off-site and off-line protecting sensitive information from viruses, hackers, and system failures. Another advantage of having audio files transcribed is that the data can then be used to create reports, presentations and training materials that would not have been easily incorporated in audio form.  In addition to these great benefits, there are also a number of advantages that companies can enjoy when they obtain professional audio typing services.

Professional Audio Typing Online Services

Companies in need of transcriptionists can save both money and time by hiring on a per project basis as opposed to keeping someone on payroll even during periods when there is nothing to be transcribed. In addition to saving money by reducing payroll, you can take advantage of online services by hiring transcriptionists who are incentivized to work quickly. In fact, some transcriptionists receive bonuses for turning in projects ahead of schedule. Another benefit audio transcriptionists can offer a company is the ability to work through a backlog of projects without causing any losses in departmental efficiency or productivity. Furthermore, because online audio typists are generally not located in the same geographical region as the clients for whom they work (in fact, many online transcriptionists are located overseas) they can fill in for employees who would normally not be working due to the time of day or local holiday observances.

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