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Received your file and have reviewed. A very GOOD WORK! I found only a few errors most of which were most minor. Your people provided a result with a plus 99% accuracy which is excellent. Please know I will put your service business name out for future reference! A wonderful experience doing business with you. My regards and best wishes for your business

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Script Typing and Formatting Services

Where do you find the scripts for your production?

Putting on a play or even making a film can be a huge undertaking. There are so many things to consider including the creation of the scripts. This can be a significant undertaking if all you have to work from is a book and no soft copy to use to create those scripts; photocopied pages from a book are hardly professional. However having to type out the entire book again to create scripts or having to adapt a book that was not original meant as a screenplay can take forever. Thankfully there are services such as ours that are available to provide script typing.

Where can you find screenplay formatting online?

There are many services online that will offer script typing and formatting; however the choice can be overwhelming. There are many services there that are just out to take your money and do not care if they offer a good service or not. They think that anyone can copy type or provide transcription services so they offer the work to people in third world countries where they can pay a pittance maximizing their own profits. The result of this behavior however is that you will receive poor script typing that is far from accurate. You need to work with a professional service such as us to ensure that you get the quality that you need for your screenplay.

How can we provide excellent script typing?

We aim to provide an excellent service for our clients and the only what that can be done is by using excellent staff; therefore we commit ourselves to carefully interview all of our typists and transcribers to only select the best and most capable. This means that you will be working with someone that is able to quickly and accurately provide script typing for your screenplay even if you have left things to the last minute and need things done in a hurry.

Professional script typing delivered by professionals

If you need script typing done to a high level of accuracy with your own screenplay editing you have come to the right place. We always deliver on time and aim to please each and every client fully; after all that is how we will get you to return the next time you need scripts typed. So if you need high quality script typing done to your precise standards in hurry at a price that you can afford just fill in the order form on the site here today.