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How to Transcribe Audio File to Text

Necessary Steps to Transcribe Audio File to Text

When the spoken word is being used and a record must be kept, digital recordings are becoming the method of choice. Previously, written records or minutes were the means of recording proceedings, but now a recording is easier, more accurate and no more expensive. Academic lectures, research notes and many other areas are seeing written notes being replaced by digital audio recordings. However, written notes are still easier and more practical to work with in many cases, creating a need to convert audio files into text format. To convert an audio file into text you must first take a look at the options available to do such a conversion. Audio typing can always be useful in business as it serves multiple purposes.

Audio to Text Conversion Options

To transcribe audio file to text you have two basic options. You may be led to believe otherwise by product presentation and advertising but strip it down to the bare essentials and it will fit one of the two options. The first option and the one that receives the most attention is audio to text conversion software. A quick look at the pros and cons of conversion software quickly exposes it as impractical for serious purposes. Software does provide a fast transcription. The transcription you receive will likely range from containing many errors to being complete garbage. Technology is improving, but to date no software exists that consistently provides accurate transcriptions when fed a variety of voices. Will it ever? Probably, but all indications are not soon. Your second option to transcribe audio file to text is to use a service that uses live people as transcribers. Is it as fast as software? Not at all. However, a well trained transcriber may achieve accuracy rates averaging 99 percent and often provide perfect transcriptions. For the best audio to text conversion, companies that use live transcribers are the best and only practical option.

Important Factors in Selecting Audio to Text Conversion Services

Far and away the single most important factor in a transcription service is the actual transcriber. A transcriber should be well trained, a fast and accurate typist and a native English speaker to provide the best possible service. Other factors to examine include the following

  • Is there a guarantee on transcriptions? A strong guarantee can indicate confidence in your product
  • Is there good customer support
  • Can I get a quote without obligating myself
  • Is customer confidentiality respected

Our online typist uses only native English speaking transcribers. Our transcribers have extensive training and experience in transcription and produce work of superior quality. We guarantee every transcription to complete customer satisfaction and on time delivery. Customer support is ready to help with any concerns 24/7 and customer information is treated as strictly confidential.

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Superior quality audio file into text transcriptions at affordable rates make us the best choice for all your transcription needs!