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How to Convert a PDF to Word Doc

How to convert a PDF to a word doc

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are popular because they hold their format regardless of the computer they are being viewed on and also when being printed. However if you want to edit a PDF file it will need to be converted to another format. Word is most often the format of choice so, for editing purposes it would be convenient to know how to convert a PDF to word doc. There are quite a few different ways to go about it, with each method having distinct drawbacks. If you are in a tight spot and only have a limited amount of converting to do, you can convert the PDF to word using one of the 2 following methods:

1.Copy and paste directly from the PDF to word. It is slow and tedious and some work may have to be done fixing the format, but with 1 or 2 pages only, will suffice.

2. Save the PDF as a txt file, which may then be converted to word. This will definitely require some cleaning up, but on a slightly longer file may be a little easier than the copy and paste method.

Neither of these methods are practical if you have many files.

How to convert a PDF to a word doc in larger quantities

With a large number of PDF files to convert or in the case of a file containing many pages, there are several different categories that methods of conversion fall into. Those are:

  •  Buy Adobe Acrobat (Or similar software) – For a long time Adobe was the best method although other software is catching up, or may even have surpassed Adobe in some cases. The issue here is usually expense. Occasionally on the best software some editing may still be necessary.
  • Online converting software – Some is free and some require a fee. Much like the software you buy, and not as useful for large quantities of files.
  • Freeware – Many free converters, some quite good are available, but there will be some formatting issues.
  • Services such as ours that handle the conversion for you including formatting issues.

Our PDF to word doc conversion services

One of the services we offer is PDF to word doc conversions and another one provides you with offline typing. Where we differ, is that we have experienced professionals proofread all converted documents to ensure a perfect conversion. We are able to handle large numbers of conversions quickly while maintaining high standards. Our service includes:

  • Guarantees on every conversion that it will satisfy all your requirements and be delivered on time.
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Affordable rates
  • Easy online ordering and payment.

When you need PDF to word conversions or cheap data entry, contact us for fast conversions of high quality that won’t hurt your budget.