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Digital Audio Typing Services

Audio Typing Services – What Are They?

Digital audio typing is the process of transcribing dictation, speech or any type of audio recording (i.e., podcasts) into textual format. This skill is as old as typography itself but has changed much over the years as both word-processing and audio recording technologies have advanced. Interestingly enough, modern transcriptionists do not have to possess incredibly fast professional audio typing skills due to the fact that most transcriptions are done sing recorded media which can be replayed over and over again. In addition, modern word processing software can assist in auto-correcting documents in real-time which saves audio typists from having to spend hours poring over texts to re-edit them.

A Growing Industry

Professional digital audio transcription as an industry has been growing steadily for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. With the advent of the internet and the popularity of digital audio media such as MP3s and YouTube, many people wrongly assumed that digital audio typing would become obsolete but the reality has not turned out that way. In fact, the abundance of podcasts, videos, and virtual meetings has led to a virtual explosion of demand. Whereas formerly digital audio transcription services were relied upon primarily by sectors such as healthcare, law offices and governmental services today there is increasing demand from any number of businesses and private individuals. Increased demand, however, does not also translate immediately into increased, qualified supply which is why it is important to choose carefully when searching for digital audio typing services.

The Benefits of Digital Audio Typing

One of the most obvious advantages of digital audio file transcription is that fact that it ensures the long-term security and viability of the data contained in audio recordings. As media continue to change (for example, try to find an eight-track tape player anywhere), the need to convert the data into form becomes even more important. In addition, these files can be stored off-site and off-line in printed form and ensure that sensitive information is protected from viruses, system failures and the eyes of hackers. A final benefit of transcribing audio files is that the converted data can be used to generate reports, make presentations and compile training materials that would not or could not have been used in audio form.

Professional Digital Audio Transcription Services

Businesses and individuals in need of document transcription can save much time and money by sourcing and hiring transcriptionist on a project basis. The saving of hiring people per job is significant when one considers the alternative: hiring and keeping staff on payroll regardless of the amount of work that is available.  The benefits of hiring project-based transcriptionists are not solely reducing payroll and lowering tax liability but also offer the possibility of savings through increased productivity and turnaround time In other words, many audio typists receive bonuses for turning in projects ahead of schedule.

Harness the power of the information in your audio files –schedule a consultation to see what our audio transcription services can do for you today!