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Best Typing Apps 2017

Whether you’re stuck at the level of typing with just a couple of fingers on one hand or you’re a seasoned typist hoping to retain your accuracy, you can polish up your skills with an educational typing test app. It’s not just professional transcribers and secretaries who need to type fast nowadays as everyone from students to professionals in all manner of fields needs to be able to type quickly and efficiently. Consider the top 10 options below and choose the best typing app for your specific needs.

Find the Best App for Typing

There are several factors to think about when choosing an app for typing, and you’ll find that some apps fulfill your personal criteria more than others. Examine the tools available as part of each app and you’ll quickly see which one suits you best.

10 Fast Fingers offers a range of simple online tests with which you can practice the way you type various sets of words. It provides you with practice sessions using the 200 most commonly typed words to begin with, but it also has a 1000-word version to really test your mettle. You can compare your best words per minute score with other users and see who really is the best typist online.

Type Racer pits you against other typists in a race to see who can finish the allotted text first. These texts are pretty interesting to read and you’ll most likely learn some fun new facts as you type. There’s a practice mode so that you can get to grips with the program before you go head to head against the fastest typists you’ll find anywhere online. What’s more, you can even invite your friends and colleagues to see who’s got the nimblest fingers in your office.

Keybr focuses on teaching you how to touch type from the very beginning of your journey all the way to true mastery of this essential office skill. The words used are real, unlike those chosen by many touch typing training programs, letting you develop skills you can actually use when push comes to shove. This app generates more difficult words at a pace that it detects you’ll be comfortable with. In this way, you never feel frustrated that you’re not making progress.

Type Faster is a free tutorial program that offers a range of different tools to help you advance in the world of touch typing. It offers a range of different keyboard layouts, so it’s perfect for those who do not use a typical US English keyboard style. Of course, this also makes it useful for those who work in the field of translation. It teaches you which fingers to use and when to use them to maximize your efficiency, thus making you a perfect typist.

Typing Tutor also allows you to choose from a number of different keyboard layout patterns, so you won’t be stuck learning how to touch type on a QWERTY keyboard if yours uses a COLMAC approach or even something else entirely. You start off doing exercises for separate characters and then you slowly but surely progress towards the use of whole sample texts. After this, you can incorporate your own texts into the program to finally master typing the words you use most of all.

Typing Web is a great choice for teachers as it offers a range of tools and approaches with which to demonstrate how to type properly. It comes with several classroom management tools, includes a fun and engaging curriculum, and best of all, it’s completely free of charge. This app works because it challenges students while maintaining the perfect level of encouragement in the form of animations, games and helpful commentary.

Tap Typing is an ideal app for anyone using a tablet device like an iPad. Typing on a touchscreen does differ from using a traditional keyboard although the skills acquired by practicing one can be transferred to the other with little effort. Just like any other typing program, it includes lessons, tests and practice documents, giving you every chance in the world to become truly proficient at touch typing on a touchscreen.

best typing app free

Typing Scout uses the increasingly popular concept of gamification to teach you how to type quickly and accurately. You’ll start by completing the basic training lessons and then you’ll move on to pitting yourself against texts taken straight from daily news sources. You can practice your typing while reading the day’s news, ultimately killing two birds with one stone. The games used are highly customizable and you can adjust the settings to fit your specific needs.

Typing Club is another app that involves the effective teaching method commonly referred to as gamification. It’s a little more austere-looking than you might expect for such an app based on using games to teach, but the finger placement lessons are exactly what you’ll need to start your journey towards becoming a real touch typist. Each lessons is graded using a three-star system, so there’s always something to work for.

Rapid Typing is a portal that offers a range of different typing practice options from simple lessons all the way to practice sessions in the form of games. Unlike many other apps of this type, Rapid Typing also helps you to learn how to use the number pad to quickly enter long series of digits. The progress tracking system tells you exactly how you’re getting along, so you can make sure that you reach your goals well within the time you set for yourself.

Improve your use of all kinds of keyboards when you download the best typing app to teach you how to really type. Whether you need the help of typing services or you want to maintain the skills you’ve already acquired, the exact sort of app you need is just one tap of the screen away.

Choose from the top 10 app outlined here and you’ll be typing quickly and accurately in next to no time at all.